Update: CC

Both d3d9.dll and CrewChief.dll need updating.

This is a major update. In collaboration with Retrolux (huge thanks man!), we were able to fix shadow/headlight flicker introduced with the Steam version of GTR2.exe. Fix is always on in VR, and in order to enable it in 2D set enableShadowAndHeadlightFlickerFixFor2DRendering to 1.

Note that with this fix applied, you may need to revisit .cam file ClipPlanes and .plr file Rearview Front Clip settings. If you adjusted those before to accomodate for Steam GTR2.exe differences (compared to CD version), you would need to undo those changes. A rule of thumb is to divide your previous values by ~4.

* Fix Steam GTR2.exe shadow/headlight flicker on large tracks.

Command line switches:
* add -ccvr switch to force VR mode
* add -ccnovr switch to force 2D mode

Additional Features:
* Introduce per-car settings file (.cchdc). See the manual for more info.

* Minor VR perf improvements.

Multiple bug fixes.

Manual updates:
* Updated "Additional Features" section
* Added "Command Line Parameters" section
* Updated "VR Recommended tweaks" section
* Updated "VR Recommended .plr file tweaks" section
* Updated "Tire Changes" section
* Updated "FFB Changes" section

Thanks to mr_belowski and Retrolux for testing.