Here are the instructions on how to setup rFactor 2 to work with Crew Chief.

Automatic install:
Beginning with v4.6.4.0, installation is automatic. A prompt will be offered on CC startup if game needs setup. CC will take care of all the needed steps for you. Just select rF2 in the game list, and click "Start" in CC once while rF2 is not running.

Note: CC will not be able to do automatic setup if game is running, so make sure it isn't.

Manual install:
rFactor2SharedMemoryMapPlugin64.dll plugin is needed to allow CC to work with rF2.
Check CC installation directory (usually something like c:\Program Files (x86)\Britton IT Ltd\CrewChiefV4) for that file.
Note: CC ships with matching plugin version, if you get message about plugin being out of date during CC startup, check if CC directory contains newer version.

Shared Memory Plugin main thread
For source code. suggestions etc see here:

  1. Copy rFactor2SharedMemoryMapPlugin64.dll to [rF2]\Bin64\Plugins\ folder.
  2. Start rFactor 2 and go to Options->Plugins.
    2.1 Make sure rFactor2SharedMemoryMapPlugin64.dll is On
    2.2 If you use SpotterPlugin_x64.dll, turn it Off


3. Go to Options->Audio
3.1 Set Spotter Details to Off

4. Exit the game.
5. Start Crew Chief
6. Select "rFactor 2 (64bit)" in the game list
7. Click Start button

That's it, now you can play rFactor 2 with Crew Chief.