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Thread: Update/install wizard not working

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    Question Update/install wizard not working

    Hello --

    With the newest update ( I think), I download the update and the setup wizard launches. It shows me the screen where I can Change, Repair, or Remove CrewChief. Change is highlighted as the default or preferred option, but the Next button is dimmed and inactive. If I click on Change, nothing happens. I can either go back, or I can cancel (which is what I end up doing).

    Any suggestions on how to fix this little problem?

    Many thanks in advance!

    Captain Slow

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    I don't know. The MSI installer format is quite fragile - Windows likes to manage the old installers itself so manually deleting stuff can have some weird effects. If uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't work, see if there's anything in the FAQ.

    As a last resort the app can be installed from a .zip file which I keep up to date (as long as I remember) - this can be extracted over the top of your installation folder:

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