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Thread: Just released: create your own stage notes with voice commands

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    Check the file size, or just copy the DLL from the cc install Plugins folder and re-test

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    I noticed in the log it says the track name is Rally HQ at one point but at the other it actually regonizes the name of the stage which is Karlstad. Does this help anything in debuging?

    I replaced the .dll into the plugins rbr folder. But nothing happend. The .dll is 140 kb, is this correct?

    Edit: Realised I could just print the console here.
    This is the console from a RBRTM stage, it seems to find the rbr trackid and rbr trackname, but it still loads it as Rally HQ.
    New session, trigger data:
    21:58:30.653 : SessionType: Race
    21:58:30.653 : SessionPhase: Countdown
    21:58:30.653 : SessionNumberOfLaps: 1
    21:58:30.653 : EventIndex: 0
    21:58:30.653 : RBR CarID: 3
    21:58:30.653 : RBR TrackID: 481
    21:58:30.653 : RBR TrackName: Karlstad
    21:58:30.653 : RBR TrackCountry: Sweeden
    21:58:30.653 : RBR TrackSurface: Snow
    21:58:30.653 : RBR Approximate length: 1.900km
    21:58:30.660 : Single-Class event:"" (unmapped)
    21:58:30.667 : New session
    21:58:30.667 : New session details...
    21:58:30.667 : SessionType: Race
    21:58:30.667 : EventIndex: 0
    21:58:30.667 : SessionIteration: 0
    21:58:30.667 : TrackName: "Rally HQ"
    21:58:30.667 : Clearing game state...
    21:58:30.668 : Purging regular queue
    21:58:30.668 : Purging immediate queue
    21:58:30.781 : LoadPacenotes: loaded 58 pacenotes with 14 unrecognised pacenotes

    This is how it looks with a orginal/default stage.

    22:15:23.673 : New session, trigger data:
    22:15:23.673 : SessionType: Race
    22:15:23.673 : SessionPhase: Countdown
    22:15:23.673 : SessionNumberOfLaps: 1
    22:15:23.673 : EventIndex: 0
    22:15:23.673 : RBR CarID: 1
    22:15:23.673 : RBR TrackID: 21
    22:15:23.673 : RBR TrackName: Falstone
    22:15:23.673 : RBR TrackCountry: Great Britain
    22:15:23.673 : RBR TrackSurface: Gravel
    22:15:23.673 : RBR Approximate length: 6.600km
    22:15:23.673 : Single-Class event:"" (unmapped)
    22:15:23.673 : New session
    22:15:23.673 : New session details...
    22:15:23.673 : SessionType: Race
    22:15:23.673 : EventIndex: 0
    22:15:23.673 : SessionIteration: 0
    22:15:23.673 : TrackName: "Falstone"
    22:15:23.673 : Clearing game state...
    22:15:23.673 : Purging regular queue
    22:15:23.673 : Purging immediate queue
    22:15:23.774 : LoadPacenotes: loaded 141 pacenotes with 0 unrecognised pacenotes
    22:16:05.287 : System recogniser recognised : "I'm OK", Confidence = 0.602
    22:16:05.799 : Restarting speech recognition
    22:16:05.799 : Opened channel - waiting for speech
    22:16:05.799 : Getting audio from default device
    22:16:31.587 : System recogniser recognised : "fine", Confidence = 0.749
    22:16:32.099 : Restarting speech recognition
    22:16:32.099 : Opened channel - waiting for speech
    22:16:32.099 : Getting audio from default device
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    OK... there's something clearly not right here. The game is sending the correct track ID, which the Crew Chief code understands and we have this track ID in our tracks lookup. However, it's not setting the value in the track name field that our app is using. This isn't a bug in CC - CC is reading the correct track name value supplied by the game, but this value isn't being set properly. Perhaps it's an issue with some plugin(s) you're using in RBR.

    Regardless of why it's happening, the CC can be altered to work around the issue - if CC recognises the track ID and the track name is set to "Rally HQ", then CC can ignore the nonsense name and use the name from the track it's got by looking up the track ID. This is a nasty hack - if the game sends some other nonsense track name it'll still cause issues.

    Note that we need to use the track name field (rather than the name of the track we obtained by looking up the track ID) because some BTB tracks don't have a unique track ID.

    So, to sum up, I think this is a bug in some RBR plugin but CC can be made to work around it, and this work around will be in the next CC version

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    Great to hear, I tried removing plugins such as the pacenote plugin but no success, it still says rally HQ.
    Can't wait for the new version, thanks for the work this has been a lifesaver.

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    I thought I would summarize my feedback.
    - Correction only works the second time, even if I say the exact words "Correction, right 2" it will not find the pacenote untill I say the exact same "correction, right 2" right after again. It's consistent atleast so I have to correct the corner twice for it to register.
    - "Opens" is called as "wide out" even tho the pacenote "Opens" exist since I am using it for "Opens and tights", there it actually says Opens. But if you only add Opens it calls "wide out"
    - RBRTM tracks not saving
    - RBRTM pacenotes not reading correctly(for same reason as above)

    Possible improvement:
    - Another reccy mode, called correction reccy where he reads the pacenotes for you while you are driving the stage but when you correct a note he reads out "right 4 corrected to right 5" for example, so you get more detailed info about the correction.
    - Possiblity to move a note later or sooner, sometimes I have added a note in the wrong place. I could edit them in the .json but having the possiblity to change it during correction reccy would be great. For example "correction, earlier" would push the note 0.5s further back, or you could manually say "correction earlier 1 second".
    - Distance left, the possiblity to ask the co-driver how much there is left of a stage.
    - Acknowledgement that co-driver has registered my correction during a stage

    I find myself sometimes struggle with timing in very tight corners such as hairpins & 1s that he says the next corner after the hairpin before I even started braking. Is it possible to make him a bit later in the slower corners? I see there are some parameters but I'm unsure which one to correct.

    Most of these points I have already covered in my previous posts but I thought I would summarize it for you so it's easier to see it all.

    Edit: Possible to add this track workaround as a hotfix update? Would love to use CC pacenotes in the next weeks rally

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    is the correction issue during the recce or when you're actually driving the stage? Will see if i can repro that.

    will look at 'opens', I seem to remember I had to hack this a little, might be able to fix that properly

    RBRTM - will do a hotfix for this, probably today

    "Correction, earlier" is implemented but not in recce mode. It moves the pace note back or forward 50 metres. I'll have a think about how this might be improved and will add an ack to the correction - just an "OK" is probably enough in rally mode.

    tight corners is a problem I've encountered too. The look-ahead uses the car's current speed to decide which calls need to be read out and before you brake into the hairpin, you're going fast but the app doesn't take into account the amount you'll have to slow down. I did look at fixing this by implementing some expected speed adjustments but had to move to other stuff, it might be fixable.

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    This correction issue is only when driving the stage, it works fine when in recce mode.

    I have never used "Correction, earlier" in recce mode and I don't see the need for it since you are not being read the pacenote so you don't actually know how it will be, so having it only in stage/recce correction mode is fine I would say.
    Adding just an "OK" in stage mode is fine since you don't want to miss the coming notes so the less he speaks the better at that point.

    The slow corners is not a huge dealbreaker since you are already going so slow that you probably don't even have enough speed for the next corner to matter that much. So ya it would be a nice feature down the line but I wouldn't say it's ruining anything. If you got good memory then it's fine hehe.

    Great to hear about the hotfix! Can't wait

    Another "problem" I have encountered is with long corners, is that because they are so long the co-drivers ussualy tell you a distance from the apex to the next corners. So say a we have "right 3 long into left 3" as a sequence of corners then he would say "right 3 long 120 left 3" since the distance from where I put the marker to the next corner is so long even if the right 3 goes directly into left 3.
    I'm not even sure if and how this would be fixed. Maybe the possibility to add into as a note then it removes the distance between the note and overrides it with into? Not entirely sure what's the best way to go about this. But this is just a small detail I have noticed that can throw you off sometimes.

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    here's a beta with the work-around for the missing stage name

    this also includes some changes I've not been able to properly test. The corrections stuff should work better (there should be no need to make a correction twice), the 'opens' modifier should work, and I've implemented some very basic 'pause' logic after calling a tight corner. After calling 'hairpin' (or a slow corner) the app will delay subsequent calls for between 1.5 and 4 seconds (depending on the length and tightness of the corner). Pace notes at the same distance as the corner aren't delayed (e.g it'll still play 'narrows' immediately if the narrows note is part of a 'hairpin left narrows' call). I don't know if this'll work properly - i've been unable to test (no time). If it's not right you can disable it with the "Pause co-driver after a slow corner" property.

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    Thanks! I just gave it a try and everything you mentioned works! I get an "okay" during stage when doing an correction, Opens now works also, correction works first time,
    With the delay in hairpins I diden't notice anything to drastic but I did have some weird delays in the middle of stages, but this needs some more testing before I can be 100% certain but it felt like he called some of my 4s and 3s very late also. But I changed this with "correction, earlier" which by the way works great! Does it work to say "correction, earlier" twice to move the same note even further earlier? Or will it jump to the note before?

    Also with saying only "correction" I think it removes the previous note, is this intended?

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    I think I'll revert the hairpins delay change. I did some brief testing and it's just not right - it's either too subtle to improve things or it delays too much and creates its own problems. I'll have to implement a better solution.

    Saying correction only will delete a pace note. This is a bug, I'll fix it

    Not sure what saying "correction, earlier" twice will do. I expect it'll move the same note twice, as long as you've not reached the next note

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