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Thread: rF2 refueling a negative amount (bug)

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    rF2 refueling a negative amount (bug)

    Hey, over the weekend I did a multiplayer race at Okayama. I was a 136 Lap or 3 hours (depending on which came first) and as I came in for my first pitstop the crew chief decided to not add any fuel. I found this quite odd so I had a look at the Log post-race to see what happened. I'm not sure why this happened but line 489 of my abridged version (too big for the full log) drew to my attention.

    "05:50:51.391 : Use per lap = 1.9 laps to go = -1 current fuel = 3.6 additional fuel needed = -3.2"

    This was a little over an hour into the race on lap 44.

    console_2020_09_14-08-44-49 - refuel bug

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    Ah, "Finish Criteria: Laps and Time" - CC's fuel calculation is expecting one or the other. That's going to need a bit of re-design.

    Thanks for reporting it and I'm so glad it didn't screw up your race!

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    Fixed in V

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