CC v4.13.0.0 adds early RBR co-driver support.

Copy CrewChief.dll plugin from c:\Program Files (x86)\Britton IT Ltd\CrewChiefV4\plugins\RBR\CrewChief.dll to RBR Plugins folder.

Set co-driver volume in game to 0.

About CC Co-driver
Compared to RBR co-driver, CC offers the following advantages

  • No need to copy files to change voice or configuration, everything is configurable via UI.
  • (WIP) we’re working on making sure co-driver sounds as human like as possible. This is an ongoing effort, but CC co-driver already supports co-driver rushed vs relaxed behavior.
  • We will be adding more sounds/phrases and voice commands. CC already detects false start and getting lost on the track.
  • CC supports low latency audio output via nAudio WASAPI. Also, rich audio routing configuration, so you could hear co-driver via headphones, but car via speakers.
  • CC (and plugin) are open source so programmers are welcome to contribute.

Once RBR is selected in CC, you can select Co-driver and corner naming style from the main UI window.

In Preferences window, type “codriver” in a search box, and you’ll see all the co-driver configuration properties. Hover the mouse cursor above the property for the detailed explanation.

Voice pack customization
CC supports in depth customization of phrases co-driver is using. See the comments in voice\codriver\terminologies.json file on how to do that.

You can place your custom terminologies.json to Documents\CrewChiefV4. If file is found there, CC will use your configuration instead of default ones

Known issues/differencies
Some sounds are still missing, and will be added incrementally as we get time/encounter them in the pacenotes.

Compared to RBR co-driver, default CC co-drivers are configured slightly differently.

* CC co-driver uses 30 meters to decide whether to link pacenotes using “into” or not. It appears that default RBR co-driver uses 10 meters, so if that is your preference, set “Link co-drive calls closer than this” property to 10.

* By default, CC will not link “over crest” (and few other IDs) by saying “into over crest”. That will also affect distance calls slightly as “over crest” will not be considered for a distance call. If you prefer default RBR co-driver behavior, you can add “detail_over_crest” to chainedTypes list in terminologies.json

This work would not have been possible without all the people who worked on improving RBR before us for the past 17 years. All of You made this game playable in 2020, and this just another humble contribution. Special thanks go to:

  • WorkerBee - for reverse engineering and documenting Pacenote IDs used by RBR.
  • Mika-N - for embracing open source and cooperative spirit and sharing known offsets into binary.
  • Janne Laahanen – for allowing us to use his codriver during early development, and for help understanding RBR pacenotes.
  • RBRPro team - for putting together one-click-to-VR package.
  • And Jim Britton, for his help, ideas and support in this effort.

Suggestions, feedback and contributions are welcome
Personally, I am rather new to the world of Rally, but I got really captivated by RBR. Looking forward to hearing your feedback, suggestions and contributions – co-driver packs, code changes or algorithm suggestions etc (codriver turned out to be surprisingly tricky to do well in code).

Hopefully, this is a beginning of a new journey.