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Thread: Issue with the correct multi-class detection with the endurance mod

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    Issue with the correct multi-class detection with the endurance mod


    My friend and I have a big multi class detection problem with crew chief an the endurance mod, which can be downloaded on the link ht t p://

    When my friend an I picked GTE cars and driving in practice mod with the AI, crew chief compare the times with the LMP2 cars?
    On the other hand crew chief shown the overall position and not the class position.

    I hope you can understand me.

    Can you help me please.

    Kind regards

    Michael Klawonn

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    It depends on the car class information that the mod has. Crew Chief will use this to work out what cars belong in the same class. The quickest way to investigate this issue is for you to assign a button to the "print car and track info" action in Crew Chief, then drive each car in turn and press this button when you're on track. This will print a line of information to Crew Chief's console, which contains the track name, track distance and car name. If you post that info here for each car I'll update the mapping files in Crew Chief so it knows what class to assign them to

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    If you start a race and paste Crew Chief console output here, we may spot something. I am a bit surprised, because I race those series and I believe I mapped it in CC, but maybe I missed something.

    Please also have a look here:

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