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Thread: Feature request: Proper Modifier key support for keyboard commands

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    Feature request: Proper Modifier key support for keyboard commands

    Feature request: Support for modifier keys to be used in combination with other keyboard keys (example Ctrl+G) for CC command assignments.

    Current functionality: Crewchief recognizes all single key presses, including shift, control and alt as actual buttons, not modifiers. So Shift+Y and Shift+L are both logged as Shift only (the first assignment will be deleted of course). Access to F13 to F24 keys are also not recognized, since they are also combo keys (Shift+F1 = F13).

    Reason: With the rise of devices like the Elgato Stream Deck being used as simracing button boxes (which are not gamepads; they only send keyboard commands), keyboard functionality should be expanded to Combinations like Shift+Y or Ctrl+Alt+K for example. Assigning CC commands to a single keyboard key is impractical; typing a sentence in a chat for example will invariably trigger a CC command if done this way. Not to mention most single keyboard keys are already assigned to various functions in sims (including F1 to F12). Adding this not only solves these issues but should add at least 5x the possible button assignments when using keyboard.

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    Hope this isn't perceived as rude, but with no replies, I'm not sure if this thread flew under the radar or the developers of CrewChief did indeed see this message.

    I would just like some acknowledgement that the suggestion was heard and being taken into consideration.

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    just giving this a bump - Im using a Cube f-pro wheel with 2 funky switches and id like to use the left one as a modifier (up, down, right, left) which would quadruple the button functionality on the rest of the wheel. It would be great to assign some of these to crewchief commands so I could manage eveything from the wheel

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    Bumping this thread as I am working on an Elgato Stream deck button box and it would be helpful to be able to use CTRL + PGUP or CTRL+SHIFT+PGUP instead of just PGUP.

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    And another bump. Could really use this as I'm running out of keys.

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    I've been trying to find some info on creating a virtual controller like vJoy and having that control CC, but haven't got it working yet, and I keep coming across this post, so figured I'd give it a bump in case 4-years is the charm. I love Crew Chief and it would be great to be able to assign the Stream Deck as a controller, but so many keyboard keys are used in game that I end up dual-defining them and inadvertently toggling the spotter when I start the engine, or adjusting my brake bias when requesting lap time info etc.

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