Howdy ya'll,

Brand new to Crew Chief. Plan to use it mostly for Team/Endurance racing in iRacing.

I'm a bit confused about the "Pit Stop Position Prediction" function.

First, what exactly does it tell me? The position in my class when I exit the pits? The amount of traffic I'll experience?

Second, what is meant in the instructions by "Do some hot laps to get a baseline laptime, then issue this ("time this stop" command?) after your 'box this lap' command. If I understand this correctly, I would put down some race-pace laps, then tell the system "box this lap" then "time this stop", right?

Third, I don't really understand when to do the above procedure. The instructions say I can do it in a practice session and it will use that delta to predict in the race. I assume that must be an official iRacing practice session? And the "practice" session must be attached to the race session? Meaning I can't go into an official practice session, set the delta, exit the practice session, enter a race session, and have that delta applied?