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Thread: Mr Belowski Jim

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    Cool Mr Belowski Jim

    Hi cant pm u any more about the new settings program, you have to delete some off your stored messages
    thats the error I get when posting to you now.

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    mr_belowski has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space

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    Hi Mrbelowski
    Ive found you on Github added you to my collaberators. You should be able to see the source to my idea of the new settings app.
    Let me know if you want me to add anyone else you did say their was another person working on sorting out the same thing.
    Sent you some pm's to containing visuals guess you can do more now, do we need testers? possibly to early yet!?

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    Can we Beta Beta2? Ive sent you a message.

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    replyied Jim their is two archives not sure yet how to delete the wrong/empty one.

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    Confussing as anything oh well, we will WIN in the end, working on Beta3 MS-Acsess an search the order of the day.

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    A Work in progress. Beta 3.

    3Points of contact needed.
    1)XML files Assumed correct, from Beta2
    2)LoadCalling code = Easy
    3)ReWriting settings(xml) on exit.
    Done a lot today still not ready, for you.
    Steve oOBATOo
    Testing CC and Project cars 2

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    Solved a big problem for myself with the help of stackOverflow. So its now possible to transfer xml Directly into the database without getting a load off Errors The only thing to do now is to reverse engineer the process so that it works in reverse and is able to save to XML on Exit that should be relatively easy I hope. Mr Belowski how to integrate this in to the CrewChief application as Ive stated above I see only three points of contact between the two application forms. Tried to download the app today with limited success. What exactly do I need I know I need something to do with speech but that’s all I know.
    Perhaps we can work around this if we ever go as far as releasing the beast. Beta 3 Still not even ready yet probably looking at the weekend before its ready, but I crossed the thousand lines of code today so quite an under taking. That’s all for today, How did the test of Beta 2 go? Where you happy?
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    Steve oOBATOo
    Testing CC and Project cars 2

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    After much head and mind twisting Iam now able to in a small scale to, transfer the structure of a database table to and from XML this means that although xml is searchable we can now have the whole database searchable with what on a small scale is possible. It is hoped by me that this will work on a much bigger scale when it come to the CrewCheif settings program.
    I will continue to build bits and pieces for you over the week with a build for you next weekend.
    To the "IronWolf" can you spare a moment to write to me possibly pm the ideas or items you wanted to search for? This will be included where possible and with approval.
    Steve oOBATOo
    Testing CC and Project cars 2

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    I have added Mr_Belowski to the collaborators on GitHub repository. Its still a work in progress but thought you may like to see what’s been going on. I only been working on parts of the interface the settings tab and some basic work on the startup page, its hardly ready but thought you may view it over the weekend. It rely’s on certain files and folders being on the local machine, enclosed zip on pm.
    Steve oOBATOo
    Testing CC and Project cars 2

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