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Thread: What to do for more than 1 install of AMS

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    What to do for more than 1 install of AMS

    Hi all,
    as tittle say, i have 3 install of AMS so the question is, how to write more than just one path? in "properties" under "UI and path" there is just one path that can be used, by default its in "steam" but i got also a install in other drive i use a lot (its a earlyer version).
    Some infos on that would be great.

    Thanks in advance.

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    sorry fella, i have no idea. The app only supports a single path for each game. However, it might be possible to set up Profiles in the app, so you can switch between different sets of user settings

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    Yes, good thing i will do it with different profile since this is a option.

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