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Thread: Pitting in Raceroom with voice commands

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    Pitting in Raceroom with voice commands

    I couldn't find an existing thread for this, so if there is one, i apologize.

    First off, love the program. Thanks to all for their hard work.
    My question is with regards to pit stops in Raceroom.
    I am using the voice command within CC, and it works fine. In my first race using it last night, I requested tires and fuel, and Jim responded, indicating he understood.
    But, when I pitted, my car just sat there waiting – no action been taken. Now, I am sure the problem is me, and I am not using the program correctly.
    I thought that the voice command would override the pit requests so I didn’t have to start pushing keys or buttons on my wheel, but now I’m not sure (FYI. i did bind the pit keys to my wheel)
    I then tried deleting my predefined pit strategy in case that was the problem (thinking that there was a conflict between CC and the game, and it didn’t know which to use), but that didn’t do it either.
    Just wondering what I'm doing wrong.
    Thanks in advance for the help

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    the app can only interact with the pit menu by pressing keyboard keys (not wheel buttons) - the pit menu voice commands work by sending key presses. The app can read the state of the pit menu so can work out which keys to press and how many times to press each key, but the game's pit menu key bindings must match what the app is expecting.

    It sounds more fiddly than it is - just set the in-game key bindings to this and it should all just work:

    "Pit Menu Toggle": q
    "Pit Menu Select": e
    "Pit Menu Up": w
    "Pit Menu Down": s
    "Pit Menu Decrease": a
    "Pit Menu Increase": d
    "Pit Request Toggle": r
    "Real-time Chat": c

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    Thank you.
    I'm sorry. I saw this info in another thread, but didn't realize it was the same issue.
    Thanks again

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