Again, thank you x10000 for this wonderful app.

I am encountering an issue which is probably due to my config, but let's see if you can help me out:
- I am racing an offline championship vs AI. -
- Races are set to 20 minutes.
- If I ask: "How's my fuel?" I get the answer:
- We estimate XX min of fuel left (accurate)
- XX litres per lap (WHICH IS CORRECT)
- We'll need to add XX litres to reach the end. (Completely wrong, I normally don't even need to add anything...)

In this championship, when the 20 min are over, the race ends in that same lap (not the one after). This could be the problem as to Jim telling me I will need more fuel, or refueling to much if I tell him to refuel to the end. Is there a config. option I am missing that addresses this issue?

Thanks in advance for your help