View Full Version : Compatibility issue when trying to use CrewChief and Simhub with AMS

Mark James
05-12-2018, 06:41 AM
I recently acquired SimHub to use the built-in App to run bass shakers from telemetry data in various sims (e.g. rFactor2, AMS and Assetto Corsa). I have found that SimHub and CrewChief work as intended in rFactor2 and AC, but if I try to run both with AMS it crashes. The SimHub forum suggests that others have encountered this problem, and I'm led to understand the issue is that the rFactor1 plugin by Dan Allongo, required by CrewChief, has been updated (by Mr. Allongo I believe) to produce an enhanced AMS-specific version, which is required by recent builds of SimHub.
Wondering if anyone else has tried using CrewChief and SimHub together in AMS and run into problems. Assuming the problem I am having is that CrewChief is not compatible with the AMS-specific plugin required by SimHub, which appears to be the case given my testing, I'm wondering if it might be possible to get CrewChief updated to work with the latest AMS plugin.