View Full Version : Strange issue in AMS

19-10-2018, 20:10
Hello folks,

Since last update in any track and any cars, at a certain point (random) the background pitlane sound (from CC) stays activ alltough CrewChief has finished talking, even going back to desktop doesent cure it, only stoping CC make it stop.

Any ideas?


20-10-2018, 18:34
Very odd. Do you have the console log output from when this happens?

21-10-2018, 08:19
The debuglog is empty, i'll copy the console text when it happens, if that can help.

23-10-2018, 08:46
its very odd indeed, it does those 2 issue from time to time, no way to reproduce it.

- skipping session CC lose background sound

- suddenly the background sounds play in loop alltough crewchief has finished talking.

in documents > crewchief > debuglogs is empty

23-10-2018, 11:15
I realized its empty because i didnt clic save console text.
here it is:

Well it should be here but i cant see a buton to insert attachment, could someone point me in the right direction please?

oh i see what happens, the console text is too large for upload...

24-10-2018, 20:31
ok guys, nevermind, i can live with this.

27-10-2018, 11:25
not sure why you can't add an attachment - maybe just paste it directly into the message?

27-10-2018, 15:27
Yes Jim, i did that but got a error message saying the file is too large. Next time this issue shows again, will copy just a part of console text and try to upload.
Thanks for answering :)

Just a question, do you guys at CC Team plan to include Asseto Corsa Competizione?

27-10-2018, 16:50
ACC support is a bit up in the air at the moment, with no official support for apps and stuff, but I won't rule anything out

27-10-2018, 19:19
yep i understsand, we will see how it develops, hope they use the same API as AC to be able to trigger the actuators.