View Full Version : Assetto Corsa Competizioni Support?

21-09-2018, 12:15
The title say it all really: have you guys any plans to extend Crew Chief for ACC? Every time I drive ACC I really miss it, or do you have to wait for the finished version?

21-09-2018, 13:31
We will most likely have to wait until the finished version as the current shared data is real limited, we only have info about players car atm and its real limited, no one can say if they will ever include more info in the shared data we can only hope, there are unofficial ways to get to this data but i'm still are unsure if we want to do that public.

21-09-2018, 16:51
Thanks for the speedy reply, it's as I thought...Maybe next year when it's finished :)

04-04-2019, 07:40
I couldn't find a newer answer to this, so I thought I'll ask here:
Has there been any progress with ACC? (or is the unofficial way ready to be shared?)

(and btw...sparten: Why is your avatar always blinking at me like this?? :D)

09-04-2019, 17:04
Sorry to report that i'm not going to spend time on the game, someone else on the CC team might pick it up but its not going to be me.

09-04-2019, 17:39
ok, thanks for the heads-up

The Iron Wolf
10-04-2019, 19:40
Not making any promises, but I _might_ be interested if:

* ACC gets safety car
* If Kunos releases rich enough SDK/Shared Memory to support good level of functionality in CC. What they have right now is very minimal.

If anyone is in touch with Kunos, it would be helpful to ask them what are their plans in that area.

23-05-2019, 19:03
If you need a partner to speak to, try to get in touch with Minolin on Racedepartment. He is responsible for the development of the driver rating system.
Possibly he can be helpful how far Kunos is willing to share memory

15-03-2020, 15:59
very nice application, but i have a problem:
all work fine till i dont try to use voice command with win10 64 last update see picture attached that isee after click on voice command / always active or another like word trigger:

i have downloaded and installed the package from windows but nothing (MSSpeech_SR_it-IT_TELE.msi) but without success.

another problem is that after and is no possible install it

any suggestion ?

thx in advance for your help.