View Full Version : New Logo Ideas

Bobby Childs Jr
07-07-2018, 16:48
Since Mr. Belowski, the developer of this awesome software, no longer has any hi-res options for logos I asked if I could put something custom together. These are what I came up with. I hope they pass muster! The picture is Chad Knaus modified to resemble the original crew chief pictured in the forum logo, and the font is called Vox Box.

13-08-2018, 11:11
Another option

09-09-2018, 22:57
I can see a paperclip icon and "Attached Images" in the messages, but nothing to click on?

EDIT: (As per another post re donations) - I can see the images in the "Full Site" version but not in whatever version I was looking at by default. (Can't see an option to switch back again now)