View Full Version : Problem: rF2 'hangs' on exiting the game

05-04-2018, 10:13
Hi, Jim.

I've been trying to figure out why rF2 hangs sometimes on exiting from the game back to the Launcher window.

I'm not completely certain, but experimentation has led me to believe that CrewChief might be the problem.

The installation goes well and the 'rFactor2SharedMemoryMapPlugin64.dll' is installed correctly and switched on in the plugins tab. I've also tried with the 'wait for plugins to load' option both on and off.

When the game hangs there's not much you can do. The screen goes black and switching to Task Manager to try and kill rF2 doesn't work, as the mouse cursor disappears and all Alt/Tab processes are inoperative.

The only way out is to sign out of Windows and then sign back in again.

I have found that when I uninstall CC and delete the 'rFactor2SharedMemoryMapPlugin64.dll' plugin, the problem seems to go away and the game quickly returns to the Launcher window without a hitch.

To reproduce, go all the way into a race before attempting to come back out and exit the game. Just going in as far as the menu screen doesn't always produce the fault.

By the way CC works just fine in-game, it's just the exiting problem.


Windows 10 (64bit)
nVidia Graphics
Latest rFactor 2 Steam build (DX11)

05-04-2018, 12:13

Trying a re-install of rF2 from Steam to see if Workshop DLCs might be the problem.

Will come back later with results ...


OK. After many flawless rF2 start ups, races and then exits, rF2 now hangs windows on start up after activating voice control on CC (keeping windows voice recognition in 'sleep' mode to avoid unintentional desktop responses to voice). rF2 seemed to start and exit fine though, without voice control.

(I have installed the Microsoft Voice Recognition app as per the CC instructions by the way, but can only seem to control it via the little drop-down Windows Voice Control panel at the top of the Windows desktop. Is there another way to access MVR?.)

CC responds ok to voice control prior to starting rF2, but attempting to start rF2 results in a Windows freeze and CC endlessly running 'Initialising' in its console.

When I sign out to regain control, Windows tells me it's CC that's preventing the close down.

05-04-2018, 12:52

No CrewChief - rF2 starts and exits no problem.

CrewChief On with Windows/Microsoft Voice Recognition OFF - rF2 appears to start and stop ok, but I'll continue testing a while longer.

CrewChief On with Windows/Microsoft Voice Recognition SLEEPING (to avoid spurious responses from desktop, etc.) - rF2 doesn't seem to like this. While CC can hear and respond when W/MVR is set to 'sleeping', this is what appears to be causing the start-up and exiting problems.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong with Windows/Microsoft Voice Recognition, although this same voice setup works just fine in RaceRoom without any issues. :)

06-04-2018, 19:04
Set Windows Speech Recognition from OFF to SLEEP after starting rF2 and then turn Windows Speech Recognition OFF before exiting rF2

1. Pin Windows Speech Recognition to taskbar.
2. Start CrewChief
3. Make sure that Windows Speech Recognition is set to OFF
4. Start rF2
5. Alt-Tab and set Windows Speech Recognition from OFF to SLEEP
6. Play rF2 and issue voice commands to CC
7. Before exiting rF2, Alt-Tab out and turn Windows Speech Recognition to OFF via the taskbar icon
8. Alt-Tab back into rF2 and exit the game.

This seems to successfully prevent Windows from hanging when exiting rF2.