View Full Version : New install ... crew chief not working.

13-03-2018, 19:07
I down loaded and installed the version of crew chief found on this forum about 3 or 4 days ago and cannot get it to work.

I run a pretty vanilla rig. I do have heli corsa installed and running. I have no 3d goggles ... or anything else I can think of that may cause problems.

During the setup, I did click on and run those "green boxes".

Crew Chief does appear in my AC set up window, and appears in the ap bar found on the right side of the screen during practice and races. I have turned on, or enabled, Crew Chief, and pinned it to the screen.

I get no voice at all. If you can, could you try to make the instructions as simple as possible? I have nearly ZERO computer skills.

BTW ... I've read that somewhat salty language might be selected. If I (we) can get this thing running ... I think I might like to get sworn at for a while. How do I make this choice? How do I turn it off?