View Full Version : CC mixing up order of drivers

25-12-2017, 19:31
hey hey,

i usually have 4 different apps which show the order of drivers in the race - LiveStanding (original app), CrewChief, Substanding and Pitboard.

since maybe 3-4 weeks i have a strange behaviour in AC.
it is that LS, CC, SS and PB show me different names of drivers who are in front of me or behind me.
LS is usually right (i recognize as i know the cars i usually drive against online), but CC, SS and PB very often name me the drivers in a wrong order. sometimes only one of those apps, quite often all of them. for example CC says "the guy behind you is Frank", even though Frank is not behind me but in front of me. or Frank might be the second driver behind me.

so this problem is not CC only.
there seems to be sth mixed up in my AC or on the servers i usually drive on.

do you maybe have an idea?