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10-11-2023, 09:24
Hey guys,

I was just wondering where to put this.
for some time my name is wrongly pronounced.

'Schoor' is pronounced as 'Sloot'

is it just doing a guestimation of the letters and then looks what is getting close?
Like 2 years ago it also had trouble pronouncing, but at least it didn;t completely changed the name.

10-11-2023, 12:15
Disable Fuzzy opponent name matching in settings

EDIT: ah, wrong answer, but i can't found name 'Schoor' in Personalisations list

10-11-2023, 14:50
Hi, thank you for your reply.
It is more that antone else hears the wrong name, like wtf crewchief is way of with the name.

It used to be quite close for an automated voice, but now it is way of.

Seven Smiles
10-11-2023, 15:14
is it just doing a guestimation of the letters and then looks what is getting close?
Yes but you can override what it picks using the Opponent Names menu. Schuur is there which I'd guess is close?
More in the Help https://mr_belowski.gitlab.io/CrewChiefV4/Speech_DriverNames.html

24-12-2023, 17:03
Some of the “easy” are kinda funny. Most people would pronounce “Janes” as the plural of Jane, CC says Yanus. Bright would most likely sound like light but nope, it’s Britt (as in someone from England).

1st world problems. :)

Seven Smiles
25-12-2023, 11:52
Yeah it's just an algorithm trying in vain to cope with English spelling and then throwing in the complication of international names as well. Is James "Dyaims" or "Hammez"? "Cheesus" or "Haysoos"? As I posted above, if it gets it badly wrong then you can edit in another name, put up with the text-to-speak "MARTIN just set the fastest lap" or tell it to give up and refer to "Car 26". If all that fails, well it's just an English motorsport engineer telling you the names of people he's never met, did you really think he'd get it right? :rolleyes: