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17-02-2017, 02:23
In AC v1.11 at the start of the race CrewCheif would tell me the track temps and such before leaving the car-setup menu. Currently, the application waits until 30 seconds (or so) into the race before talking about track temps--which isn't really an issue, but as far as I know this is not intended behavior. Likewise, the spotter utility seems to be totally nonexistent with AC's latest build.

~I've already submitted a ticket to the gitHub (https://github.com/mrbelowski/CrewChiefV4/issues/65) page, and was referred here by one of the devs.

17-02-2017, 06:56
Will investigate this evening. If you could check that the crew chief app is still enabled in the AC UI, and post the output of the crew chief console window when it's behaving weirdly it would really help track the problem down

And welcome to the new forum :D

17-02-2017, 07:44
There seems to be an issue with detecting race countdown, its most likely cause they change something to allow for timed races, i will go and investigate on the matter.
The spotter seems to work as it should.

17-02-2017, 18:43
Well, it seems AC v1.12 disabled the CrewChiefEx app in the UI (though, it did not do this for any other apps which need to be enabled under Settings>General, so that's nice)--which brings back the spotter--though, there's still that delay at the start of any race before CC starts relaying information. As requested, I've got two log files showing the weird delay (though, from what you two have written it seems this is due to the timed races addition?). The first (https://github.com/mrbelowski/CrewChiefV4/files/784119/BrandsHatchGP_OddBehavior_CCv4.5Log.txt) is using no modded content, taking place at Brands Hatch GP. On T3 I spun out, and quickly exited the race which led to a indefinite loop of audio playback for the "still there" section--even after AC had been shut down. That's not really an issue I'm worried about, but though I'd bring it up. The second (https://github.com/mrbelowski/CrewChiefV4/files/784118/FortWayneOval_OddBehavior_CCv4.5Log.txt) took place on the Fort Wayne Oval modded track using vanilla cars. Both examples exhibited the same delay at the start of the race, but eventually sync'd up properly (from what I can tell).

~I'm sorry for all the trouble; I wish I knew a bit more about CC to help figure stuff out--rather than just post "halp".

17-02-2017, 20:02
thanks for all the info Stewie, we think we understand why it's gone a bit south and how to fix it. Morten (Sparten) has a couple of loose ends to tie up and (hopefully...) there's be a bug fix release tomorrow. The whole point if this forum is for folks to post "halp", so thanks for getting the ball rolling :D

21-02-2017, 17:07
I cleaned up the thread and moved some posts to internal discustions, i'll move them back if its a problem.

21-02-2017, 17:09
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