View Full Version : GT4's tire temps ideal reported as 27.5

18-05-2022, 09:48
It seems to me that CF only knows ideal temps for GT3's, as even if I'm on a GT4 crew chief reports cold tires when they are at 27.0

Also, seems ACC does not report the car class directly, fortunatelly recently I did a code on which I needed the car ids from the SM:

Ideal tires: 27.0
(car == 'bmw_m4_gt4')
(car == 'porsche_718_cayman_gt4_mr')
(car == 'mercedes_amg_gt4')
(car == 'amr_v8_vantage_gt4')
(car == 'audi_r8_gt4')
(car == 'mclaren_570s_gt4')
(car == 'alpine_a110_gt4')
(car == 'chevrolet_camaro_gt4r')
(car == 'ginetta_g55_gt4')
(car == 'ktm_xbow_gt4')
(car == 'maserati_mc_gt4')
(car == 'ferrari_488_challenge_evo')
(car == 'bmw_m2_cs_racing')

All the rest:
Ideal tires: 27.6

I'm not sure about the temps for the Porsche cup cars and the lambo ST.

-- Update: Ignore this thread, I was confusing Temperature with Pressure(PSI) ,