View Full Version : I am trying to make Chinese pace notes for dirty rally 2.0, but I am having problems

29-06-2021, 18:57
After a long search, I finally found CrewChief, which is a very good software. I think I can finally make Chinese pace notes for dirt rally 2.0.
I translated the speech_recognition_config.txt file, I set language=zh-cn to the file, the speech engine can run successfully, and the Chinese speech is successfully recognized, such as:421422423?But if I say left one in Chinese, cc can’t answer me left one?By looking at the paceenotes.json file, I found that it cannot be recognized?424?The Chinese crest was correctly recognized and the audio was played?How can I make it recognize it normally?I am eager to solve this problem, if anyone can help me, I will be very grateful

29-06-2021, 19:55
Do other numbers work? You could try translating hairpin left, k left, square left, medium left, fast left, flat left.

There might be something different about left one, it's a.while since I coded it but I think left / right one might be hairpin