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10-05-2021, 14:06
I don't know what has happened but since 06/05/2021 and after the latest ACC update (1.7.8) I am not getting any sound from Crewchief although the mic check works when I open the App. NB: the update of ACC happened in Steam while CrewChief was already running, I then launch ACC and everything was working as normal. The issue is happening since after I shutdown and restarted my PC. Everything is launching fine, it is just that I have no CC sound anymore.
Any idea?

24-05-2021, 10:55
I found out what was the problem: I use SurfShark VPN and I had allowed ACC to bypass the VPN, somehow this put CrewChief and also ACC Result Companion on a different network than ACC preventing them to communicate. Strangely, reverting this setting in SurfShark did not restore the issue. So I switched of Kaspersky firewall and was prompt with a Windows Firewall request to allow ACC to connect to internet, I allowed it and everything was back to normal.
So if you run into issue such as getting no sound in CrewChief, check your Firewall, antivirus and VPN software for permissions for ACC (and I guess other games too) and Crewchief so that they are allowed to communicate.

25-05-2021, 23:32
I just reverted back to the previews ver and it works