View Full Version : Pitstop, or box commands never recognized.

09-04-2021, 13:19
Hi guys,

So after over a YEAR of using the basic product, our team is now trying to get more of the added functionality out of CC. One of the cool features is the ability to take to Jim and get an answer.. But, are we being morons here, or doing something wrong?

I use the "press and release" button, and then talk to Jim, and, going through pretty much ALL the commands under voice recognition, everything works, and is understood 100%, first time.

The problem comes in with the "Pitstops" or "box" commands.. Any of these below.

Pitstop change all tyres - Or, Box, change all tyres
Pitstop fuel to the end
Pitstop tearoff
Pitstop fast repair

He never understands any of these commands, which I'd like to get working. (And I'm referencing sitting and doing general testing, not in the game..)

Is this a short-coming in ACC? or am I missing an important component somewhere please?

Please if anyone can assist why he doesn't recognize pitstops comments, I'd love to hear a workable solution here.

thanks Mr Belowski, and all the guys here.



Seven Smiles
09-04-2021, 17:32
The first two should work but tearoff and fast repair are only available in iRacing.

VoiceRecognition_VoiceCommandsPitstopManagement.ht ml (https://mr_belowski.gitlab.io/CrewChiefV4/VoiceRecognition_VoiceCommandsPitstopManagement.ht ml)