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24-01-2021, 17:21
Hey folks,

is there any way to use the reccy function in Assetto Corsa? Pacenotes are working but I would love to create some pacenotes, spoken by Jim, for normal tracks, like Nordschleife.
I already tried the following:
-assign talk button
- say "start stage reccy" (he doesn't understand me)

EDIT: not possible, here's a workaround...

Mostly doing this because I got a few pals who, when hanging out together, love to drive, just don't know the tracks that well. Other than that, I think it's useful for people who are quite new to certain, more complex circuits, like i.e Nordschleife.

- Record Pacenotes manually - let CC create the metadata.json to have the right spots
- Backup metadata.json
- Copy orig. soundfiles from %Appdata% to Documents/Pacenotes
- Rename soundfiles accordingly, one by one as they are just numbered.
- Cruise along the track slowly to listen to your own pacenotes and at the same time, with the metadata.json open, adjust timing and insert the filenames of the new soundfiles that you want to be played
- i.e: caution.wav before a tight turn or whatever...



Stuff I'd still like to try/know:

- play more than one file - i.e: caution, bumps.

Hope this helps anybody, somehow :)