View Full Version : ACC an CC - possibility to write spoken words into the chat during race?

07-01-2021, 16:19
Hi there,

first I want to apologize for that bad grammar -it's a long time ago since I learnt English at school (and I didn't want to use a translator from my language German to English), and I have to apologize if that question or the answer is already to find in the forum.

I am a newbie using CC in ACC, and it's a great tool, although it is not completely supportet by ACC, and sometimes presents wrong values.

Today I have tried to "speak" to the CrewChief. I start the conversation with the word "Chief" (in the properties). If I know the terms for the questions, it runs very well and makes a lot of fun during a race or training session. Now I have triedto start wrtiting into the chat using the word "chat" (in the properties). But nothing happens, no beep, no words in the chat. Is there any mistake how I do that? Or in't it possible to talk sth. and that words are written into the chat.

e.g. I'd like to say "sorry" or "pass left" during a race and that words should be written into the chatwindow.

Any hint :confused:

Thx for your help - and always have a clean race.

13-01-2021, 04:14
I was also just looking into this.
I'm struggling to get CrewChief to actually parse anything I say into the game chat.
I am unsure if I need macro to be enabled or not for this to work - I will be attempting to figure out macro next to see if that helps in game chat features.

I would love if someone already has the proper answer to get free dictation chat messages to work in CrewChief.

13-01-2021, 05:47
Find the macro with the name "start chat message" and add the key for starting chat in AC/ACC
Then find the macro names "end chat macro" and add the key to send chat command in AC/ACC usually this will be the enter key.
Then it should work like in the other games, I cant test this as I don't have any of the games installed anymore.

13-01-2021, 16:13
Can you tell me where to find such macros? In the properties or options / settings of the game ACC? Maybe I don't find them because I am using the German version and don't know the translation of the English terms.

13-01-2021, 16:40
In the CrewChief app maybe.

13-01-2021, 17:07
;) thx for that hint, I better should use my glasses :rolleyes:

15-01-2021, 02:12
I have configured these macro commands and both of them work, however (at least for me) anything I say in between them are just normal commands, not typed in chat.
Chat will open, chat will close, all with with voice commands now, but whenever I try to use my 'Free dictation' voice command it either assumes I'm saying something else entirely or doesn't respond.
Free dictation voice command is set to "chat", which I know CrewChief understands, but it seems to choose not to understand for this particular command.
I open and close in game chat with "say" and "enter" respectively.