View Full Version : Any Plans for Female names?

29-11-2020, 03:22
I got my lady hooked on Formula 1 about 5 years ago, and ever since VR was added to the rig, she started learning tracks and driving. She thought the software was awesome when we were using it the other night, and when i looked through the names for hers, she said "your Crew chief is misogynistic as fuck" haha. Her name is Michelle. Thanks for all your hard work, this thing is awesome!

29-11-2020, 07:14
There are loads of female names. Neither the app nor me are misogynistic as fuck. The names are added when people make reasonable requests, their gender bias is only a reflection of the gender breakdown of these requests.

My reaction to obnoxious entitled requests is the same regardless of the gender identity of the requester. "Piss off".

Would you expect me to be ok if you'd said the app (and by association me) was racist because there aren't many Indian names in there?

Dude, seriously?

30-11-2020, 23:47
I'm sorry dude, i didn't mean it like that. She was joking. And i can see how my text didn't display that. She said "your crew chief"and then laughed out loud. I meant no harm, and definitely didn't mean to come across as entitled. I clearly said we both thought the app was awesome. Again, I'm sorry. I was laid off from COVID, but as soon as i can get employed again, I will be sure to donate, as I already had it planned to do so.