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The Iron Wolf
16-11-2020, 04:47 PM
The Manual: https://thecrewchief.org/downloads/gtr2/GTR2_CC_EP.pdf It is updated often to match the new/changed features, so I suggest simply bookmarking it for viewing in the browser. You can see the changelog at the end of the Manual if you want to see what’s changed.

Plugin itself is included with the Crew Chief application.

If you'd like to help testing pre-release plugin Beta versions, or have questions about updating your content, please PM me on CC Discord or join this dedicated server: https://discord.gg/BqPh6ubBR7.

This plugin is for offline use only.
Plugin only works with Steam version of GTR2.exe. Steam GTR2 does not need 1.1 patch or NOCD, Steam version is already the latest GTR2 version available.

================================================== =================================
Current Plugin Features
================================================== =================================

Core Features:
* Deep Crew Chief integration with all the offline racing features implemented
* Native VR Support (SteamVR and OpenXR)
* Memory usage optimizations - up to 40% memory usage reduction
* Texture flicker/Z-Fighting fixed
* Experimental offline decoupled physics and inputs processing that makes FFB/physics/telemetry less dependent on the FPS
* rFactor Real Feel Plugin support

* DTM 2018 Rules (player only) with physics based DRS
* Option to disable automatic speed limiter engagement on pit lane entry/exit
* Option to enable pit lane speed limit detection in all sessions (not only the Race session)
* Option to activate speed limiter in the garage stall
* Option to override pit lane speed limit (km/h)
* Option to issue a penalty for exiting the pits before exit light goes green
* Option to not allow the game to automatically start the engine on exiting the garage
* Option to require headlights while driving in the dark

* Stationary Friction effect
* Fix for the lost FFB effects

* Flat Spots
* Dirt Pickup

* Sequential: overrev protection
* Sequential: require vehicle to stop to go Neutral
* Sequential: doubleshift protection
* Sequential: Lift to Shift
* Sequential: Antistall
* H-Shifted manual with Damage

* Advanced flicker fix
* Borderless window mode
* UI squeeze for triples and ultra wide monitors
* Button controllable wiper animation
* Screen dirt buildup cleaning
* Enable Backfire effect on all cars
* Improved rain reflection quality
* Additional Video settings for better performance

Motec Changes:
* Enhanced Motec:
• Per-wheel lockup/spin warning indicator
• Water temperature indicator
• Oil temperature indicator
• ABS aid level indicator
• Traction Control aid level indicator
• DRS state LED
• Antistall LED
• RPM Indicator

* Additional Data pages:
• Tire Wear page
• Tire Pressure page
• Multi-class aware position Info page
• Multi-class aware gap behind/ahead page
• Personal Best/Class Best Delta page

Visual Tires:
Up to seven separate visual tire per compound

Custom DXVK Fork with full VR Integration

Memory Usage Optimizations:
* Race Time memory usage improvements (DXVK and DX9)
* Overall memory usage improvements (DXVK only)

Misc Fixes:
* Multiple crash fixes
* Reduce headlight/shadow flicker introduced in Steam GTR2.exe
* Fix missing rF1 Plugin API telemetry data
* Enable Championship/Driving School page icons
* Disable use of MyDocuments for profile storage
* Applies changeable weather patch by Jstn
* Add new control bindings under Controls->Extra (scroll all the way down to see the new bindings)
* Set CPU Affinity from the CC Plugin
* Synchronize Steering Wheel Animation to a Physical Wheel Rotation
* VR Lens Flare Effect adjustment
* Motion System Mode

Support for CC plugin configuration per mod:
Per-Car settings file (.cchdc)
Per-Track settings file (.ccgdb)

================================================== =================================
================================================== =================================
Q: Will Plugin work with CD/NOCD/Warez GTR2?
A: No. Steam GTR2 is the newest GTR2 available and there will be no work done to enable it on other .exe's

Q: Feature X does not work or crashes online
A: This Plugin is intended for offline use only, please do not report online issues.

Q: Will you port to related games?
A: No, this Plugin is GTR2 only. There will be no ports.

Q: Will XD work with this Plugin?
A: No, but there's SimHub alternative: https://www.racedepartment.com/downl...verlays.47212/ (https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/sho-gtr2-xd-style-simhub-overlays.47212/)

Q: I get message box "Failed to load d3d9 proxy", what to do?
1) Make sure you installed all Plugin files.
2) Make sure your AV software does not block Plugin files.

Q: I'd like...
A: I do not take feature requests, Plugin is provided AS IS - I simply share what I use myself. I am however interested in adding features that will make Your mod more true to life, so if you are a modder, and you wish GTR2 did something but it does not, feel free to reach out.

Q: I do not get any response on Forum/Discord.
A: That's likely because your question is answered in the Plugin Manual.

16-11-2020, 06:14 PM
Just to add my thanks and appreciation for this, working with you guys makes me feel like a total fraud as I sit back and watch you create stuff that, to me at least, is entirely indistinguishable from magic :)

Can I also add that I get a much better VR experience in GTR2 if I set "world movement" to 0 in-game (this is with a Valve Index)

The Iron Wolf
21-11-2020, 03:45 PM
Update: CC

Plugin now generates CrewChief.ini if one doesn't exist. Also, plugin will add new options/remove deprecated ones automatically.

The Iron Wolf
13-12-2020, 03:05 PM
Update: CC

Important: for VR use, make sure to update both CrewChief.dll and d3d9.dll.

* Fixed rain reflections. Note: rain reflections rendering is not perfect, mostly due to the fact that they were not meant for VR resolutions and aspect ratios. If you find imperfections distracting, use "disableVRRainReflections" to turn rain reflections off.
* Fix textures missing under some external camera situations.
* Fix sky rendering corruption on some tracks around ~7pm.
* Improve tracking and stereo projection rendering.
* Fix driving school UI messages. This also allows using HUD in VR. See "VR Configuration" for UI configuration parameters.
* Improve Oculus HMD rendering.

Special thanks go to:
* Sparten for contributing his tracking/stereo math improvements and HUD rendering method from AMS.
* mr_belowski - finding and fixing bug that caused wrong rendering on Oculus HMDs.
* GTR233 for his hard work fixing driver hands disappearing in HQ content. Thanks to his support we can all enjoy Driving School in VR.
* Seven Smiles - a lot of testing.

The Iron Wolf
06-01-2021, 03:44 PM
Update: CC

Important: for VR use or if you want to utilize MyDocuments disabling feature, make sure to update both CrewChief.dll and d3d9.dll.

* Improve rolling start position messages.
* Improve Championship lap vs time race detection.

* Improve VR rendering loop. Improved performance and fixed shutdown crashes.
* Add feature to allow lens flare position adjustments (lensHOffsetPercentage setting).

Game fixes:
* Add feature to allow steering wheel animation scaling (scaleDriverAnimationToPhysicalDegrees setting).
* Implement random weather patch (applyChangeableWeatherPatch setting).
* Add feature to disable writing to Documents (disableMyDocumentsProfile setting).

See "Additional Features" section in the main post for a more detailed explanations of the new features.

The Iron Wolf
19-01-2021, 05:59 PM
Update: CC

Both d3d9.dll (if you'd like to use VR video mode enumeration) and CrewChief.dll need updating.

* Improve mouse scaling and use GTR2 mouse icons in VR
* Fix a bug where changeable weather patch won't get applied unless VR is enabled.

Speed limiter behavior tweaks:

; Disable automatic speed limiter engagement on pit lane entry/exit.
rulesDisableAutomaticSpeedLimiter = 1

; Enable pit lane speed limit detection in all sessions (not only the Race session).
; To serve penalty in non-race session, return to the pits.
rulesEnablePitLaneSpeedLimitInAllSessions = 1

; Activate speed limiter in the garage stall. Only applies to vehicles with limiter available
; and tracks with speed limit below 200km/h.
rulesActivateSpeedLimiterOnGarageExit = 1

Note: currently, speed limit penalty is not enforced in non-race session (ie you won't get disqualified BUT Chief will keep nagging you). But I'll revisit that some day to make sure event gets ruined if autosport rules are ignored.

* Add "enableDetailsPageIcons" setting which enables Championship and Driving School details page logos.
* Add "useVRVideoModeEnumerationFor2DRendering" setting which eliminates the need to re-run GTR2Config.exe on enabling/disabling of VR. This setting may also be useful in fixing GTR2 startup crashes in Desktop mode. Requires CC d3d9.dll present.

The Iron Wolf
03-02-2021, 02:56 PM
Update: CC

Crew Chief:
* Implement the Safety Car phase.
* Improve Rolling start column detection (Thanks to Bjarne Hansen for the idea and testing here).

* Further improve lens flare rendering.
* Mouse rendering tweak.

* New penalty for exiting pits on Red.
* Penalties in non-race sessions are now enforced, player will be DQ for ignoring them.
* New option "rulesOverridePitLaneSpeedLimit" to override the pit lane speed limit. Useful for simulating pre-1994 events from when there was no speed limit in pits.
* Relax the speed limiter detection logic to include more cars.

For the best lens flare experience, you may want to use custom sun flare texture. See "VR Lens flare effect adjustment" section in the main post for customized textures for Pimax and Index headsets.

The Iron Wolf
07-03-2021, 05:10 PM
Update: CC

Crew Chief/Additional Features:
* Add setting "enableMissingTelemetryFix" to expose more telemetry. When enabled, CC will become aware of the tire wear.

* Implement stationary friction FFB effect.
* Implement a switch to prevent game from resetting FFB on session transition.

* Add "rulesDisableAutomaticEngineStartInGarage" setting to prevent game from autostarting the engine in the garage.

Main post updated with details.

The Iron Wolf
25-03-2021, 04:57 PM
Update: CC

* Simple flat spot emulation. See "Tire Changes" section in the main post.

Crew Chief:
* Integrate flat spot messages.
* Improve tire wear logic.
* Improve wheel lockup detection.

Additional features:
* Add motion system mode.

* Fix bug where sometimes "exit on red" penalty cannot be served.

Minor perf improvement.

Special thanks to:
* mr_belowski - Crew Chief flat spot messages.
* Yuca - key idea behind flat spots that greatly simplified the code, encouraging me to go through physics, not fake FFB/telemetry, testing and a lot of interesting and productive discussions.
* Sparten - hinted an idea to exaggerate secondary lockups.
* Yoss - tire behavior info
* Wotever - info on ShakeIt and general discussions about flat spot emulation

The Iron Wolf
19-04-2021, 03:14 PM
Update: CC

Both d3d9.dll and CrewChief.dll need updating.

Crew Chief:
* Fix rolling start timed session time remaining calculation.
* Suppress messages on return to garage from the pause menu.

* Implement rain wipers. Requires content authored in a special way, see the main post for details. Next HQ Anniversary patch v15.3+ will contain compatible wipers.

* Introduce enableKnownCrashesFix setting which enables fixes for known game crashes.
* Multiple bug fixes.

Special Thanks to:
* GTR233 for coming up with an idea of animating wipers by using textures and creating such textures.
* Yuca for testing and performance testing of the wiper stuff.

The Iron Wolf
15-05-2021, 09:56 PM
Update: CC

Both d3d9.dll and CrewChief.dll need updating.

This is a major update. In collaboration with Retrolux (huge thanks man!), we were able to fix shadow/headlight flicker introduced with the Steam version of GTR2.exe. Fix is always on in VR, and in order to enable it in 2D set enableShadowAndHeadlightFlickerFixFor2DRendering to 1.

Note that with this fix applied, you may need to revisit .cam file ClipPlanes and .plr file Rearview Front Clip settings. If you adjusted those before to accomodate for Steam GTR2.exe differences (compared to CD version), you would need to undo those changes. A rule of thumb is to divide your previous values by ~4.

* Fix Steam GTR2.exe shadow/headlight flicker on large tracks.

Command line switches:
* add -ccvr switch to force VR mode
* add -ccnovr switch to force 2D mode

Additional Features:
* Introduce per-car settings file (.cchdc). See the manual for more info.

* Minor VR perf improvements.

Multiple bug fixes.

Manual updates:
* Updated "Additional Features" section
* Added "Command Line Parameters" section
* Updated "VR Recommended tweaks" section
* Updated "VR Recommended .plr file tweaks" section
* Updated "Tire Changes" section
* Updated "FFB Changes" section

Thanks to mr_belowski and Retrolux for testing.

The Iron Wolf
10-06-2021, 07:04 PM
Update: CC

Both d3d9.dll and CrewChief.dll need updating.

Crew Chief:
* Disabled CC in the Driving School.

* Implemented simple dirt pickup.
* Flat spot initial lockup threshold no longer depends on the sensitivity setting.

Sequential Gearbox:
* Implemented overrev protection.
* Implemented block shift to Neutral while vehicle is moving (both button press and sequential shift).
* Implemented double shift protection.

* Minor perf improvement.

Motion System Mode:
* Improved Driving School support.

Manual updates:
* Updated to include new features.
* Added a link to the optional AVX2 binaries.

As always, all the new enhancements are off by default, so if you'd like to enable them check the updated .ini file and/or manual.
Note that all the tire and gearbox changes are quite complex. They will evolve (sometimes drastically change) as I learn more.

The Iron Wolf
25-07-2021, 09:30 PM
Update: CC

Both d3d9.dll and CrewChief.dll need updating.

IMPORTANT: gearboxSequentialEnableOverrevProtection option is removed (to disable overrev protection, set gearboxSequentialOverrevRPMLimit to 0.0). If you enabled enablePerCarSettings/savePerCarSettings you would need to edit .cchdc file manually to remove gearboxSequentialEnableOverrevProtection.

Crew Chief:
* Improved damage reporting.
* Wired messages for dirt pickup, gearbox damage, 24hr point messages.
* Fixed race restart from the menu. Note that it requires enableMissingTelemetryFix set to 1.
* Improved session time detection. Note that there's still an issue with timed sessions that end on either max laps or time, this might get looked at in the future.
* Improved pit speed limiter detection.

Sequential Gearbox:
* Implement lift to shift feature.

This feature improves "simulation" of older sequential gearboxes, notably the one used in Skip Barber (rTrainer mod). Downshifts/upshifts will be refused if engine generates effective torque above the set threshold. Most often for shift to succeed lift off the throttle is enough. However, in some situations it is faster to shift using the clutch. For Skippy, I suggest starting with:
gearboxSequentialLiftToUpshiftTorqueNM = 40.000000
gearboxSequentialLiftToDownshiftTorqueNM = 25.000000

AFAIK Supertouring cars and most FIA 2003/2004 cars needed lift or clutch on downshift. To better emulate that, use gearboxSequentialLiftToDownshiftTorqueNM value, and probably some large value on Upshift, to keep things sane.

* Changed the way overrev protection is enabled. Use gearboxSequentialOverrevRPMLimit to enable overrev protection (good starting value is 1.1, which allows 10% overrev). IMPORTANT: this update will enable overrev protection on existing installs - to disable, set to 0.0

Manual H-Shifted Gearbox:
* First cut of Manual H-Shifted gearbox "simulation" improvements to enhance older cars (PnG, older F1 etc and series with almost road cars, like Mini Challenge). To enable, set gearboxHShiftedRevMatchTolerance = 0.100000. Note: make sure "Hold Button for Gear" is enabled.

* Implement gearbox damage. Damaged gearbox will cause more misshifts and will eventually lead to DNF. To enable, gearboxHShiftedDamageSensitivity to 1.0, and lower/raise that value to get more or less damageable gearbox.

* Added feature where wipers can clear off the screen dirt buildup (graphicsWipersClearDirtScreen setting). This makes wipers useful even when it isn't raining. Additional bonus is that dirt on the windshield will get saved on a game save.

* Improved wiper animation. It should never get out of sync now.

New plugin defaults:
Enable all essential fixes by default. Enabled features/fixes:

Gray car patch

* Fix save/load (flat spots and dirty tires) in the Championship.

Huge thanks go to Richard Jackett, the author of Grinding Tranny mod (and Niels for connecting us ;) ). He was cooperative and kind sharing his work with me, so I was able to reinforce my understanding of the problem. I also reused his ideas of estimating the needed RPMs and using of separate factors for upshift and downshift revmatch tolerance.

Also, mr_belowski for recording new sounds - you're the best Jim!

The Iron Wolf
12-09-2021, 02:43 PM
Update: CC
* Enable backfire on all vehicles. Set graphicsBackfireOnAllCarsFrequency to value higher than 0.0 (for example 0.5) to enable backfires on all cars. The higher the value, the more likely backfire is to occur (max value is 1.0). Note: this could affect FPS.

* Experimental settings to improve framerate in the rain (especially in VR, but it works in 2D as well):

; Sets track rain reflections mode.
; 0 - game default track rain reflections, 1 - disable track objects, 2 disable completely (fastest)
graphicsTrackRainReflectionMode = 0;

; Sets cars rain reflections mode.
; 0 - game default car rain reflections, 1 - disable car reflections, 2 - disable processing completely (fastest if graphicsTrackRainReflectionMode is set to 2 as well)
graphicsCarRainReflectionMode = 0;

* Adjust dirt pickup algorithm limits.

* Minor optimizations/cleanup.

Special thanks to Retrolux for helping with rain performance and memory usage investigation.

Next up: DTM DRS Rules and Motec enhancements, stay tuned!

The Iron Wolf
08-11-2021, 08:10 PM
Update: CC

* Dirt pickup fixes and improvements.

* Disable Pimax specific optimization that was causing poor performance on a more widespread Index headset. Pimax users: to re-enable, set to enableVRPostPresentHandoff to 1.
* Implement hidden area mask. Can be disabled via disableVRHAM setting.
* Deprecate renderHUDAsSteamVROverlay setting. HUD is now always rendered SVR overlay.

* Implement UI squeeze for triples and ultra wide screeens. Set graphics2DSqueezeUIPercentage to the desired percentage value (start with 0.30 (30%) to see what it does).

* Implement borderless windowed mode which makes plugin fully compatible with SimHub. Also, allows fullscreen exprience without breaking VR overlays. To enable borderless mode set: graphicsForceBorderlessWindow to 1.

* Allow overriding logos used by this plugin (both VR and 2D). To override, drop file named cc_gtr2_logo.png in the root. Here's alternative logo provided by GTR233 (thanks!) https://thecrewchief.org/downloads/gtr2/resources.zip

* Motec Enhancements. New elements supported:
• Per-wheel lockup/spin warning indicator
• Water temperature indicator
• Oil temperature indicator
• ABS aid level indicator
• Traction Control aid level indicator

To enable Enhanced Motec elements set graphicsEnableEnhancedMotec = 1.
Requires matching car changes.

* Additional LCD/Motec Data Pages:
• Tire Wear page
• Tire Pressure page
• Position Info page
• Gap behind/ahead page

To enable Additional Data Pages set graphicsMotecEnableAdditionalDataPages = 1
Note: fully enabling this functionality requires Motec texture modifications to include new data page icons.
Note: multiple layout styles supported via graphicsMotecAdditionalDataPagesUnitsStyle.

• Position Info data page – class position is not implemented yet.
• Gap behind/ahead data page – not yet class aware. Also, does nothing in practice/qualification, this might get improved in the future.?

* Implement Endurace racing rule to require headlights while driving in the dark. You will have 60 seconds after message center warning and team voice warning message to enable the headlights or get disqualified. To enable, set rulesRequireHeadlightsInDark to 1.

* Updated to explain the new features.
* All the Manual sections that are intended for modders now start with "For Modders:".

Special Thanks to:
* Chmul Khom for helping with the new Motec features, finding serious dirt pickup bug and testing.
* GTR233 who found issue with the additional data pages templates, and suggested different data page styles (he's also working on adding those additional data pages to HQ Anniversary cars).
* Retrolux for his help testing VR performance, help making borderless window support and HAM a reality.

The Iron Wolf
18-12-2021, 04:11 PM
Update: CC

All plugin binaries got changed, make sure to update them all. VRToolkit needs updating as well.

* Improve VR startup.
* Improve VR rendering a bit.
* Rename enablePostPresentHandOff to enableEnablePimaxMode to denote Pimax specific VR rendering tweaks.
* Add experimental settings enableExplicitDXVKTiming and enableWaitGetPosesAfterSubmit, see what works best with your HMD.

* Initial wiring of DXVK. See the manual on what it is and how to use it.

* Add key binding to restart the race.
* VRToolkit update - matching update from Retrolux: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/retrolux-reshade-gtr2.42342/
* Added Changelog to the manual to make it easier to follow the updates.

Thanks to:
* Retrolux for introducing me to DXVK and for Megaton of testing - over 30(!!!) iterations of plugin were meticulously tested.
* Chmul Khom and Retrolux for help with some texture processing.

The Iron Wolf
31-12-2021, 06:57 PM
Update: CC

Updated DXVK for GTR2: https://thecrewchief.org/downloads/gtr2/gtr2_dxvk.zip

* Reduce wall barriers and tree flicker - enabled by default. This is controlled by graphicsEnableAdvancedFlickerFix setting Note that this works best with DXVK. In dxvk.conf set d3d9.forceD32FS8DepthStencil = True . To learn more about DXVK integration see the manual.
* Add a setting to increase rain reflection resolution. To enable, set graphicsRainReflectionResolutionFactor to natural number higher than 1 (4 is a nice value to begin with) to enable this enhancement.
* Enable backfire fix by default.

Thanks to Retrolux for his help, testing and encouragement while working on this. Also, thanks to Sikjar for additional DXVK testing.

Happy New Year to All! :)

The Iron Wolf
15-01-2022, 07:37 PM
Update: CC

* Add ability to have different visual tire per compound. Requires mod support (see the manual).
* Increase rain reflection resolution by default.

Gearbox: (well, not exactly, it is more ECU but it's just a game after all :) )
* Add antistall capability. Configuration:

; If engine RPM falls below this value, antistall is engaged. If set to 0.0,
; antistall is disabled. Good starting point for F1 car is ~4000.0 RPM.
; Requires auto clutch disabled in the game.
gearboxSequentialAntistallThresholdRPM = 4000.000000

; Specifies how many seconds engine is allowed to run in antistall
; before it is turned off. 0 means it is allowed to run indefinitely.
gearboxSequentialAntistallEngineCutOffTime = 10

Misc fixes:
* No need to run GTR2Config.exe as admin anymore, so one less step while setting up a new GTR2 drop

The Iron Wolf
22-01-2022, 08:27 PM
Update: CC

Updated DXVK for GTR2: https://thecrewchief.org/downloads/gtr2/gtr2_dxvk.zip

Overall plugin performance improvement.

The Iron Wolf
19-02-2022, 07:56 PM
Update: CC

* Fix black screen in driving school/time trial. Thanks to Mr. Rusty Gear for reporting.

The Iron Wolf
26-03-2022, 05:08 PM
Update: CC

This update is a major rework of the plugin. Plugin now utilizes multiple cores, so that it has no FPS impact at all. Normally that change is not something to worry about (plugin works in the same way as before), but if you are running very old CPU or something like Pentium D, Celeron or Atom, you may want to check "Notes on Multithreading" in the manual. I'll keep updating this section to list things that depend on multicore (so that you can disable such features).

* Add final additional Motec data page: delta personal best and delta class best.
- needs new template icons. See the manual on how to update your cars.

* Position additional data page is now multiclass aware.

* Gap next/previous additional Motec data page is now multiclass aware.
- Note: gaps will not match game HUD gaps because plugin calculates gaps differently. This is not a bug.

* Backfires fix is now moved off graphics thread (eliminates FPS impact).

* Initial support for DTM 2018 rules (AI is not using DRS yet, consequentially, wing movement is not visible). Requires content updates.

If you'd like to try Beta versions of this plugin, or have questions about updating your content, feel free to join this: https://discord.gg/DJu8RSzJYB

The Iron Wolf
06-05-2022, 05:56 PM
Update: CC

This update:
* Includes the memory usage fixes. They are disabled by default, so if this is something that is interesting to you see the "Memory Usage Optimizations" section in the manual.
* Simplifies the configuration of the plugin removing many configuration settings that make no sense anymore.

Always enabled Fixes and Enhancements:
* Multiple crash fixes
* Reduce headlight/shadow flicker introduced in Steam GTR2.exe
* Fix missing rF1 Plugin API telemetry data
* Enable Championship/Driving School page icons
* Disable use of MyDocuments for profile storage
* Applies changeable weather patch by Jstn
* Add new control bindings under Controls->Extra (scroll all the way down to see the new bindings)

Automatically detected Enhancements:
* Use .cchdc file if it is present
* Enable button controllable wipers if car supports it
* Enable button Enhanced Motec features if car supports them
* Enable Enhanced visual tires if car supports them

Removed settings:

* Add VR convenience overrides (see .ini file comments for help):

* Fix instant replay rendering. Thanks to Rusty Gear for reporting the issue.
* Add menuOverlayVerticalOffset setting to allow moving non-stereo view up or down in space.

* Fix DRS LED not working on cars without button controllable wipers (LOL).

* Add key binding for navigating to previous LCD mode.
* Change how changeProcessAffinity setting works. Set this value to 0x0 to enable use of all logical processors (to maximize the FPS).
* Fix .cchdc file tire configuration not loaded correctly

The Iron Wolf
29-08-2022, 07:36 PM
Update: CC

This version introduces an experimental offline decoupled physics mode. Notably, it improves FFB precision at lower framerates. There are issues still and it is WIP. See "Decoupled Physics mode" in the manual.

Enhanced Motec:
* Fix for Gaps Data page issue where leading cars were incorrectly counted as lap ahead on some tracks.
* Fix for Additional Data Pages in Time Trial mode.

* Disable Enhanced Graphical elements in an online session.

* Enable overrideVRMaxSeatRange to work in 2D as well.
* Add a setting disableRadioCommVolumeOverride which allows using built-in radio-comms if for some reason you want that.

Special thanks go to Shovas for his help testing decoupled physics mode and providing valuable feedback and observations.

Also, thanks to:
* Sparten for sharing his learnings from irFFB.
* Dwightyone1, Kainé, maikoheart, Rusty Gear and Shakey Deal for testing and feedback.

The Iron Wolf
01-10-2022, 02:19 PM
Update: CC

This version introduces a new experimental capability which allows raising offline decoupled physics rate. See "Decoupled Physics mode" in the manual.


Decoupled Physics:
* physicsDecoupledInputs is replaced with physicsDecoupledInputsMode setting, which allows choosing offline player input/FFB processing rates. It turns out that input processing is expensive, and is very dependent on steering wheel driver implementation. I suggest starting at 200Hz and going up if you feel like it. If you want least trouble (but still use this feature, which has limitations), I suggest 400Hz physics/400Hz inputs, but 400Hz/200Hz yields highest framerate on Fanatec.

* Add runtime offline decoupled physics stats. To toggle, press Numpad1.

* Fix a bug where at race start driver foot would sloooooowly move onto the pedal (LOL)

* Improve Lens Flare tune up mode to print offset value on screen rather than in the log file.

* Move stationary friction effect off the graphics thread if decoupled physics+inputs are enabled.

* Fix crash on load from save if Enhanced visual features are used.

* Introduce overrideSeatAdjustStep setting, which allows overriding the seat adjustment step.

DXVK Update to v1.10.3:

Special thanks go to Shovas for his help testing decoupled physics/inputs mode, collecting Motec data and providing valuable feedback/observations.

Also, thanks to:
* Dwightyone1 - beta testing/feedback.
* Richard Wilks for sharing his insights into physics calculations.

Update 10/02/22: if you are using stationary friction FFB effect, this version has serious performance bug. It is fixed in Beta available at project Discord.

The Iron Wolf
13-11-2022, 02:37 PM
Update: CC

* Wire rFactor Real Feel Plugin by TechAde and LeoFFB authors (Thank You!). CCGEP adds some enhancements on top of RFP, see "rFactor Real Feel Plugin wiring" section in the manual.

* Introduce per car steering FFB multiplier. You can find new key bindings at the bottom of "Extras" page. If you want game to remember the multiplier value, enable savePerCarSettings setting. In order to preserve low speed forces, you could use ffbPerCarMultApplyMinSpeedKMH to control at which speed per-car FFB multiplier is applied.

* Improve performance of stationary friction effect.

* Improve power steering "simulation" so that it kicks in/out smoothly based on the engine running RPM. This is configurable via the ffbPowerSteeringRunningRPM setting.

Crew Chief integration:
* Improve GTR2 tire compound recognition.

* Adjust wiper animation speed.

I decided to port my rFactor 2 Shared Memory Monitor into GTR2, but this time with an increased focus into behavior of the AI. This tool might be useful in setting up the AI events (lack of easy monitoring made me port it actually). If you learn something interesting about the AI behavior, please share your insights with me.

This tool is an open source C# mess (it's just a viewer after all), but if you want to add things, feel free to do so: https://gitlab.com/TheIronWolfModding/ccgepmonitor One cool addition could be the AIW visualization.

Download: https://thecrewchief.org/downloads/gtr2/CCGEPMonitor.zip

Thanks to Shovas for help with RFP testing and Dwightyone1 for beta testing/feedback.

The Iron Wolf
22-11-2022, 03:46 PM
Update: CC


* Introduce command line switches allowing the configuration of the windowed mode parameters:

-ccvm-w:X - sets window width
-ccvm-h:Y - sets window height
-ccvm-bless - enables borderless mode disregarding the CrewChief.ini setting

Using switches greatly improves DXVK integration (if you had problems before, now it is time to try again) and removes the need to re-run GTR2Config.exe. See: "Graphical Changes/Command line Video Mode settings" for more details.

* Introduce support for car body rain drops (invented by GTR233, Thanks!), which are coming in the next HQ Anniversary patch update. Here's a small preview: https://youtu.be/AhHRiS30vXM

Thanks to Crimson_764, Mjqt and Sellers for testing.

The Iron Wolf
13-12-2022, 06:09 PM
So it turns out that not all GPU drivers support Vulkan 1.3. If you get "no adapter found" message you could try using older version of my fork of DXVK for GTR2. It contains all the improvements the current version contains, just a bit less mature/polished, so once you update your driver, I suggest moving to the current version instead.


Thanks to Koyaki and Dwightyone1 for their help with this.

The Iron Wolf
01-01-2023, 10:35 PM
Happy New Year everyone!

DXVK update to v2.0: https://thecrewchief.org/downloads/gtr2/gtr2_dxvk_2.0_TIWF_010123.zip

The Iron Wolf
21-01-2023, 07:19 PM
Update: CC

DXVK VR rendering:
* Performance improvements. Important: make sure you update DXVK (see below).
* Fix hidden area mask rendering.

Enhanced Motec:
* Add anti-stall indicator LED capability: https://youtu.be/k8ab2-eLWiQ
* Add RPM indicator capability: https://youtu.be/lX2IpUrvfa0

* Add experimental ability to control AI physics rate.

DXVK update:
Vulan 1.3 - https://thecrewchief.org/downloads/gtr2/gtr2_dxvk_2.0_TIWF_010923.zip
- Note that SGSSAA setting got renamed to: d3d9.forceSampleRateShading

Vulkan 1.2 - https://thecrewchief.org/downloads/gtr2/gtr2_dxvk_1.10.1_TIWF_042322_Patch1.zip

CCGEP Monitor:
- Updates to match the new plugin: https://thecrewchief.org/downloads/gtr2/CCGEPMonitor.zip

Thanks to:
* Shovas - AI physics testing
* Dwightyone1 - DXVK VR update testing.

Special thanks to Robin Kertels of DXVK for sharing his expertise.

The Iron Wolf
13-02-2023, 03:15 PM
I am experimenting with adding native OpenXR support to this plugin and I need some help with Beta version. If you are running DXVK VR with Oculus and would like to help, please join the Discord server linked in the fiirst post.

EDIT 02/18/23: Beta with native OpenXR rendering is out.