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28-10-2020, 09:31

I've been playing through the AC career mode and have noticed that CC is incorrectly reporting my position in the race. It always seems to think that I am one position ahead of my actual position, i.e. when I am in 2nd place it says that I am in 1st, etc. Not sure if this is relevant, but there always seems to be one car at the front of the grid at the start - when I am at the back - that shoots off much faster than everyone else and it can be 30-60 seconds ahead of the pack for pretty much the whole race.

Not a big deal obviously, just slightly odd.



28-10-2020, 09:54
this might be a car class mapping issue - the app doesn't know every car name from AC, so in some cases it might think you're in a multi-class race. Try enabling the "Force single class" option in the Properties screen

28-10-2020, 11:47
Thanks for the very speedy reply. Just tried this (and restarted CC) and it didn't fix the issue. I was 8th on the grid and CC reported that I was at P7. I think you are right about CC thinking I'm in a multi-class race - some of the other messages I heard during the race indicated that. (Some stuff about a slow car in front not seeing the blue flag due to its class.) Note I am using Content Manager also - might that be involved?

28-10-2020, 13:26
Content manager won't affect this. The position data from the game is quite chaotic. Sometimes it starts at zero so we have to add 1 to all the positions, sometimes not. Sometimes the position data is complete nonsense. But in general it should (usually) work so something's not right here. Looking at the code I can't see what the issue is but I'm reinstalling AC now so will try and reproduce it

28-10-2020, 13:39
OK, thanks. More info...the career series that I was driving in when the above was happening was the GT1 series. I've just jumped into the GT2 series and CC was reporting my position correctly in the first race of that.

28-10-2020, 13:49
it does sound like it might be car class mapping. Having been through a debug trace of a multiclass race (LMP1, GTE, GT3) I don't see this issue at all. Do you happen to know which cars in are in the GT1 series?

28-10-2020, 14:56
OK, I've just run one of the GT1 races and the game loaded in:
- 3 x SLS AMG GT3 (one of which I was in)
- 2 x MP4-12C GT3
- 4 x BMW Z4 GT3
and...wait for it...one BMW M3 GT2 09 - which looks like it's the one causing the trouble. When the M3 was in 1st place and I was in 2nd, CC was saying I was in the lead. When I took the lead and the M3 was on my rear bumper, CC was reporting that the gap to the car behind was five seconds (when the M3 was only a few tenths behind me.) So it looks like CC is not recognizing the presence of the M3, which is a GT2 car in a GT3 race. Looks more like an AC problem - why is that car in the race? - than a CC one.

28-10-2020, 15:09
and it did this even with CC's "force single class" option enabled?

28-10-2020, 15:23

28-10-2020, 15:40
there's a bug in CC - it's not honouring the force single class option, which means the odd car classes in AC championship mode are making CC think it's a multiclass race. Will fix the CC issue for the next release

28-10-2020, 15:47
Many thanks Mr B.