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29-08-2017, 15:14

First of all i have to say this app is awesome. But since one of the latest updates, the spotter doesnt work correct anymore.
He spots cars ahead and behind me as cars beside me. "Car left, Car Right" Thats confusing me alot.

Is there anything what i can do?

Best regards

29-08-2017, 15:30
We had an issue with the app's settings where a decimal separator would be removed on non-English versions of Windows (languages that use a comma as a decimal separator). The underlying issue is fixed but your settings might still be messed up.

Try reloading the app's default settings, and check that the "Spotter car length" option is 4.5 (four point five), not 45 (forty five). This is the length of a car in metres, which the spotter uses in its calculations. If this has been changed to 45 metres the spotter will behave very badly. You might also find the speech recognition threshold is wrong (it should be between 0 and 1)