View Full Version : License Application Error 6

07-08-2017, 15:28
I haven't had time to race for a while, but I fired everything up this morning, installed the update for 2.90 Full (build 84) and it doesn't seem to like my tablet and won't start. Now oddly enough I usually run PCARS Dash along side it and that is coming up with a license error as well so it's likely something with the tablet and maybe even my Andriod account, but everything works fine on my phone. Log file just says license check unsuccessful.

Any tips on where to start looking?

07-08-2017, 17:13
it's a Google Play library that does the work so I'm not an expert on the internals. The app licence is tied to the Play account that made the purchase, so if you're logging into a different account it won't work. If the app can't contact Google it'll also fail (error 6 is "MISSING_PERMISSION").

If none of that helps, someone suggested this:

"Via 'Manage apps' I stopped the Google Play Store app, cleared its data (not the cache, which was zero bytes), then restarted my licensed app"

07-08-2017, 19:30
Thanks for the responses. I tried the clear cache thing and it didn't work, but I reinstalled both apps they seem to be working fine now. I checked the account that I was using and it seemed fine and I didn't change it. Seems odd, but it works fine now. Only issue is that my driving is pretty mediocre today. ;)