View Full Version : Slow down penalties converted to drive through not being notified

Jose C.
14-05-2020, 14:10

Last week I ended up disqualified from a race after failing to serve a drive through.

CrewChief picked up the slow down penalty and asked me to slow down, without in-game overlays (no slow down penalty counter) you have to slow down a bit and hope that's enough.
If you haven't slowed down enough... the slow down penalty becomes a drive through penalty, however CrewChief seem to have missed that. (He does pick up the drive through penalties for exceeding speed in pit lanes so the issue seems to be on slow down penalties not served converted to drive throughs)

Re-enabling the in game overlays will do the trick but there is a huge banner that pops up during the final lap that covers a fairly amount of space when you are playing in VR (you basically drive the last lap by heart)

Any chance CrewChief would pick up that converted slow down penalty? Or maybe let you know once the slow down penalty is served that you are good to go again?

Any suggestion is welcome.