View Full Version : Multiplayer Old Laps Stated

Mr. Tea
14-12-2019, 21:20
When racing online crewchief is always one lap behind for reporting others lap times. For example, if another player is leading and sets a lap time of 'A' and then on the next laps sets a lap time of 'B' crew chief will tell me the drivers 'A' lap time as if he just completed it. But he actually just finished lap 'B' and crewchief should have told me that 'B' lap time.

It is especially noticeable in qualifying where the leader sets a new fastest lap, but crewchief will not report it until that driver finishes there next lap.

15-12-2019, 07:53
is this AC or ACC? There are some pretty severe data synchronisation issues in both games, unfortunately (the lap time data arrives half a second after the app is told that the car has completed a lap, for example)

Mr. Tea
15-12-2019, 21:06
its for AC - I have a programming background. That sounds awful. It is not a functionality limiting bug. The app still works great and is awesome to use. I can disable the lap report feature and can probs get used to that.

Do you think there would be a solution or would it be messy?

15-12-2019, 21:28
not tested AC for a while. It's possible that there's a workaround but it's so damned complicated. The lap count gets updated then some random time later (between 0.1 and 1 second) the lap times get updated. It's possible to piece it all together but it's very fragile and can have a ton of nasty side-effects. I'll have a look over the code to see if there's any logic that already works around this issue, but that might have been lost in the mists of time (it's years since we did serious work on the AC support)

Mr. Tea
15-12-2019, 22:16
No problem. I'd appreciate a look at it but understand if it gets lost in the higher priority items. Thanks