View Full Version : Request: Option to deactivate blue flag report

02-08-2019, 07:15

we offen do endurances races with driver swaps in AC.

One Problem in AC with that is, when you rejoin as new driver, ac thinks you are a totaly new driver with 0 laps driven. So you get blue flags for every car that comes from behind, or you overlap a car and then you get also a blue flag. So blue flags all over.

With this cc is not to use.

So could you perhaps add an option for AC to deactivate the blue flag report?

greetings Gero

04-08-2019, 13:51
added a "Enable blue flag messages" property to next build - this will default to 'enabled'

04-08-2019, 16:32
Cool, thank you

09-08-2019, 20:29
this has now been released