View Full Version : So does the spotter not work?

08-07-2019, 15:45
I can't find any info on this. Obviously no threads isn't a good sign lol. A spotter would be really nice but it's not working for me.

22-08-2019, 07:38
It doesn't work for me either. Do I need to enable any settings in the game?

22-08-2019, 12:23
Yes, you need to turn on UDP broadcast data in the game. I don't know what this option is called or where it'll be (I don't have the game). You'll have to have a rummage round the game menus

22-08-2019, 14:16
It works now. Thank you!

29-03-2021, 12:05
Where did you find UPD data

19-05-2021, 18:23

13-06-2021, 21:45
Hello there. I came to inform that the CrewChief Spotter for F1 2020 does in fact NOT work in the My Team mode. In just a normal Grand Prix it works just fine, but if i try using it in My Team, no spotter. I tried every possible setting there is, nothing makes it work for me. Any suggestions, or is this a known bug ? Thank you for any ideas or thoughts.

Seven Smiles
15-06-2021, 16:48
I don't think any of the dev team have F1 2020 or play the F1 series very much so it's always been the poor relation in terms of CC support. My Team is new to F1 2020 so I can't check it with my copy of F1 2019 (which Steam tells me I last played 1st Dec 2020...)