View Full Version : in game python app ?

26-05-2019, 22:48
So what is the purpose of the in game crewchief app while onscreen? The crewchief and spotter works fine. When the spotter says something isnt the app suppose to show transmit activity ? When running raceroom the app shows activity when spotter says something. Is this broke in AC ? Im just wondering if something else is wrong ?.....thank you

27-05-2019, 16:19
The python app collects up some data that's not available in assetto's shared memory and writes it to a new shared memory file for crew chief to use. It's not supposed to have any visible component - it's just exposes additional game data to the app. So it's working correctly

27-05-2019, 16:32
Ok thanks, so i can just disable the visual crewchiefex window on screen cause it shows no activity ?......thank you


27-05-2019, 17:11
yes, as long as the crew chief python app is enabled (which it is by default) the on-screen window doesn't need to be shown