View Full Version : cant get CC working with content manager????

25-05-2019, 17:13
I've been using CC and CM together with no problems until I decided to do a clean install of the game and now CC won't work with CM. It works fine when started through steam but not with content manager. The console just reads 'initializing' every 2 seconds but doesn't work? The plugins are all installed correctly also. Can anyone please help because I've gotten used to racing with this app and games feel dead without it!

25-05-2019, 17:27
check this thread http://thecrewchief.org/showthread.php?974-CC-with-AC-Content-Manager&highlight=content+manager
Or http://thecrewchief.org/showthread.php?827-Crew-Chief-Content-Manager&highlight=content+manager

25-05-2019, 20:54
Thankyou SpartanI, I've read those threads but nothing seems to have worked, it's just annoying because I've had it working perfectly before now