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17-05-2019, 11:25
When starting the last lap of a race, CC almost always tells me 'Two laps to go !'
It happens on most tracks I use.
Is there maybe a setting somewhere I missed ?

And today (10 lap race with 20 Skoda 130RS at Jerez v1.0 by Alex Meyer, starting last), CC gives the right position until I take the lead when he says I'm in second. When finishing he decides to hand me 18th place ? Must add that this is the first time CC does this.

PS: maybe it has been asked before, but the search function could not find it.

24-05-2019, 12:18
One week later, no response...
Nobody else having this issue ?
It's rather disturbing getting this wrong info from CC when, driving with 'clean' screens (no huds or so...)

24-05-2019, 18:01
I'm sorry you've had no response. I don't play AC any more but I'll give it a try when I can. It would help if you could capture a debug trace of this behaviour, or at least post the console log

24-05-2019, 19:09
just ran 2 races - a 14 lapper at Brands Indy and a 6 lapper at Brands GP against the 997 GT3 cup cars. There's an unrelated bug on Brands Indy where opponent gap message aren't playing (probably because it's a track with only 2 sectors). In both cases the app called the correct laps-to-go. I was last in the indy race with 2 laps remaining and in the GP race I was 4th. The app called "2 to go" and "last lap"correctly. All the race position calls were correct.

Were you on or offline? Was it a fixed number of laps in the race or a time limited race? Was it single or multi-class?

AC's actually pretty good isn't it :)

24-05-2019, 21:02
Ah, sorry, should have added a log file. Here is the one from the days I posted:

https://mega.nz/#!DeQEyaBZ!q0ArWtVsXAaVXJfs85n6Sb4_pTmWE_M56GExG9Z dG2Q

Racing offline, fixed number of laps and single class (identical cars) - iirc...

It's very rare that CC calls the last lap correctly, which is why I was wondering I missed some setting... :o

Edit: and yes AC is still nice enough, especially with all CSP / Sol features. I shelved ACC because no proper triple screen support.

24-05-2019, 22:37
ok... i've done an online race and found that none of the opponent cars were getting their laps completed updated. This means the app will never trigger the two-to-go and last-lap calls because these are based on the overall leader's laps remaining (because you could be a lap or more behind).

There's a *lot* of code in the app to work around some appalling quality data coming from AC to try and unpick the truth from all the noise but I think i found the bug. Unfortunately it'll take a while to test it because there's so much that can go wrong here. If you want to help out, i can put a beta release out and you can give it a try

24-05-2019, 22:42
here's the beta thread


25-05-2019, 16:29
here's the beta thread

Did several offline races, several cars, several tracks, all works well with V4.9.8.1
CC goes faultless :)

Thanks for the fix.

25-05-2019, 17:21
great news, thanks for testing. We have some other changes in the pipeline so these fixes will be rolled into a full release in the next few days - you'll get an auto update notification as per usual when that happens even if you're using the beta