View Full Version : Audio going to incorrect device, very strange one off issue

10-03-2019, 09:39
So I'm having a very strange issue with Crew Chief that I've never seen before in any other program. I have it all set up to play audio through my Rift headset speakers, and that works just fine as long as I am not wearing the headset. Once the headset detects that it is being worn and the screens come on, the audio all plays through my speakers which are my system default.

I've isolated the issue by using the "app volume and device preference" menu in Windows. Changing the audio device for crew chief does nothing to help the issue, but if I change the audio device for "ovrserver_x64.exe" which is a part of the Rift software package, then the audio is output by the Rift.

Hopefully this information can help the issue be fixed, I haven't noticed any side affects of changing this option yet, but I'm sure some will pop up.

If anyone has a better solution here, please let me know, thanks!!

10-03-2019, 16:26
Sorry about that guys, I meant to put this in the PC Technical forum.