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  1. Can't get Voice Recognition working, please help.
  2. Windows 10 creators update and crew chief
  3. CrewChief settings to Autostart a game
  4. Clean install
  5. Project Cars Spotter
  6. Update Version to Version Problems
  7. Struggling to comprehend time messages
  8. No More Updates for Me
  9. Version msi please?
  10. latest version of crewchief does not open on my PC
  11. Changing spotter voice not working
  12. Cannot print to Toshiba e-studio 283 over network
  13. Lastest version wont run for me with TTS
  14. TTS voice volume?
  15. Not working after update.
  16. It stops after "Polling for shared data every 100ms"
  17. Upon update app removes from start
  18. Project Cars 2 Issue
  19. Fall creators update and talking
  20. Position on the screen
  21. Sound pack not downloading...
  22. After last Update ( Posting Initialising- Unable to find the specified file
  23. receiving error message trying to update
  24. Get the pole's laptime on every lap
  25. Crash at installation
  26. Video on Voice mode?
  27. When trying to set up Talk to Crew Chief I get an error
  28. Kaspersky Internet Security notifications everytime CC activated
  29. Other player lap times are off in Assetto Corsa and PCars2
  30. Causing iRacing sound to fail after a few minutes.
  31. Sound Mixer Issue
  32. Installation package could not be opened?
  33. Similar Sound Mixer Issue
  34. Voice recognition mode: Unable to set default audio device
  35. iracing - fuel in gallons
  36. After last auto update CC wont start
  37. Windows Scaling
  38. Voice recognition mode: Unable to set default audio device
  39. Saved comtmands JSON file
  40. Missing files
  41. Minor nAudio Issue
  42. Crew Chief V4 slow download speed
  43. Installation Error
  44. Remember installation path
  45. Controller action assignments get lost
  46. Failing to initialize speech recognition on new PC
  47. Talk to CC setting error: "Unable to acquire device [...] Class not registered"
  48. install notified successfull, but no property button
  49. Personalisations Updating
  50. Can't get Spotter to work in Project Cars 2
  51. Use CrewChief for PC with Project Cars 2 for PS4?
  52. Last couple of updates: Multi class when not multi class
  53. CC won't respond to voice commands
  54. crashing to desktop since version update
  55. CC changes from headphones to monitor when starting iracing. help!
  56. Speech recognition trouble shooting
  57. Startup arguments for IRacing
  58. game sound stops
  59. Sounds in appdata
  60. Crew Chief gives my position as leader in rF1 & rF2, even if I'm running last.
  61. Can't download the app
  62. CC keeps crashing while racing Assetto Corsa
  63. Crew Chief with "Virtual Desktop" for Oculus VR.
  64. Position on the screen
  65. Spotter doesn't work in rFactor 2
  66. CrewChief not working when SimHub is running!
  67. Spotter
  68. Issues using headphones on iRacing
  69. Stuck on "initializing" in ACS
  70. Crew chief is very late telling whats going on
  71. Race engineer doesn't speak at all
  72. start-in directory problem
  73. Fuelling message not recognised properly
  74. speech recognition not working
  75. list of voice commands
  76. CrewChief not starting anymore
  77. Update Crew Chief
  78. Can't start CrewChief anymore after crash
  79. CrewChief refuses to launch
  80. There is no sound records stored in pace_notes folder
  81. No CC audio/speech recognition when new default audio device appears after CC starts
  82. cant download
  83. My computer blocks download
  84. CrewChief occasionaly crashes while using voice recognition
  85. Fuel calculation don't work in private test session on iRacing
  86. Crew chief won't launch on Assetto Corsa
  87. There is no speach from CrewChief but background sound
  88. Lack of prioritisation in the calls
  89. spotter has no sound any more ...
  90. Crew Chief doesn't understand me (much like my ex-wife)
  91. Can't get speech to work
  92. Microphone not recognised anymore since Windows 10 update
  93. Program start arguments
  94. Spotter recognising audio input
  95. Issue assigning button when using Fanatec CSL McLaren GT3 rim
  96. Voice recognition confidence with Oculus Rift
  97. Cant update CC
  98. Voice Recognition Download
  99. Doesn't Work with 7.1 Audio... Only Stereo
  100. Can't download the app
  101. Was Working with PC2, Now Not?
  102. High PPI support
  103. Forza 7 (PC) support
  104. Can't install CC after windows 10 new Install!
  105. BUG! speech recognition forced to en-AU
  106. yellow flags delayed from the braking zones
  107. Launch Crew Chief Without Update Check
  108. Bug? iRacing long quali had no data
  109. Spotter no longer working for me
  110. Crew chief not hearing oculus mic
  111. Installation working, completely broken afterwards
  112. No sounds at all
  113. Crashing while using push to talk on iracing
  114. Installation problem
  115. Crew Chief+Content Manager?
  116. Crew Chief + SimVibe/Bass Shaker Setup
  117. crew chief will not launch..at all
  118. Windows 10 says "Crew Chief has a virus and was deleted"
  119. CrewChiefV4.msi - Windows Defender reporting as Trojan:Win32/Spursint.F!cl
  120. Error 2932
  121. Change Sound output
  122. Installation Error
  123. Increase the spotter`s anticipation on blue flags.
  124. Voice recognition not working.
  125. App Lag On Newer Versions
  126. Crew chief no recognize sounds
  127. Can't disable spotter
  128. Message delay
  129. Spotter Broken/Bug (IRacing)
  130. Assign button to speech recognition problem
  131. 10 lap race 19 cars no sound from CC whilst playing Assetto corsa
  132. Crew Chief Conflict with PC2Tuner?
  133. CC v4 closing.
  134. Crew Chief Crashing when on Iracing
  135. Not recognizing G27 wheel "assign control"
  136. Compatibility Issue when trying to use CrewChief with SimHub in Automobilista
  137. Microphone for voice recognition
  138. Speech Recognition KO
  139. CC is unable to load the sound pack for
  140. CrewChief Suspected of causing Windows 7 Freezes
  141. Not recognizing macros
  142. CC does not play voices on Vive Pro Headset.
  143. DRS Zone activation
  144. Audio Device Selection
  145. AC Spotter doesnt work and CC got less information
  146. Spotter speech stopped during race - Exception BadDeviceId
  147. Pit box count down not working
  148. Crew chief works but spotter doesn't
  149. Update Not Working?
  150. Alarm clock
  151. Still getting update notification after update
  152. Crew Chief v failing to start
  153. Speech Input Device empty after update
  154. Unhandled exception has occured in your application
  155. Lost permissions to open program Version
  156. Voice Recognition doesn't recognize installed MSSpeech files
  157. Tell Me The Gaps no longer working
  158. Reporting non-existing incident
  159. Again, my CC wont load sounds and personalisation
  160. A certain mod track in Assetto Corsa gives errors
  161. How do you turn on Dirty Speech?
  162. Strange issue with rift audio
  163. Choose audio output
  164. Speech Recognition Select
  165. Crew Chief disconnects after radio check
  166. Fuelling message not relayed to sim (iRacing)
  167. Problem with setup!!
  168. Assign control box greyed out
  169. No chief voice options
  170. No speech/voices, only bg sounds
  171. Crewchief Causing Major Lag
  172. CrewChief issues with iRacing
  173. Major issues with Automobilista and Crew Chief
  174. PC crashed while CC was updating
  175. Error 1500: when updating/installing CrewChief
  176. CC causes major lags in PC2
  177. A fix for if you're unable to update/uninstall Crew Chief
  178. Install path
  179. Can you start listening earlier?
  180. Unable to recognize Microphone (Blue Snowball Ice)
  181. Voice issues
  182. nAudio Crashing CC
  183. N00b voice issues
  184. Chief wont' finish his thought
  185. Missing a dependcey for speech recognition
  186. Audio options disappears since last night.
  187. Will not update
  188. Help, i cant hear my spotter
  189. "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application"
  190. Valve Index - strange audio glitch
  191. Updating / Installation problem
  192. Error pops up while racing
  193. Multiple bindings for "Talk to Crew Chief"
  194. CC and Radeon
  195. Running Crewchief and RS Dash together
  196. Audio output cuts out when I press key for voice recognition
  197. Unhandled exception
  198. Stopping the auto update check
  199. Broken after update
  200. Application just crashes
  201. Background audio doesnt play
  202. No sound from CC
  203. mic not working
  204. Assign Control greyed out
  205. Failed to install or update the plugin
  206. Crew Chief Crashes When I Use Voice Command
  207. Unhandled Exception
  208. CC won't detect any voice commands from me (with details and log)
  209. UDP port failing to reasign
  210. Crew Chief does not recognize commands unless mic is double keyed.
  211. No Audio from Spotter or Crewchief??
  212. Spotter not working consistently in iRacing
  213. must delete
  214. "Chief" Command for anything i say
  215. Using Windows speech recognition on non-English Windows installs
  216. Now CC hears me on track
  217. Where can I download previous version?
  218. CC causing stutters / audio hicup
  219. TCC close when using command "how much fuel to the end"
  220. Latest version will not run on my PC
  221. Failed to load user settings, app must be restarted to try again
  222. Unable to create / edit macros for chat shout outs
  223. object reference not set to an instance of an object
  224. Crew chief doesn't listen, NAudio errors
  225. Unhandled exception
  226. Overlays
  227. Missing dependency
  228. Non responsive mouse?
  229. Glitching during initial CC playback
  230. What to do for more than 1 install of AMS
  231. Invalid Drive Error; Cannot update CrewChief
  232. save window location
  233. MSSpeech_SR_en-US_TELE wont Install
  234. Not Downloading Personalizations. Driver Names, Sound Pack downloading extremely slow
  235. Not starting Assetto Corsa from Crew Chief
  236. Crew chief not opening
  237. No audio from crew chief
  238. can someone help me on this?
  239. Jim is swearing even if sweary messages is disabled.
  240. Just realized sound properties differ between computer and CC properties??
  241. Unrequested SOF call outs
  242. Voice
  243. fuzzed out sound
  244. My Crew Chief detects the word "Chief" but no other commands
  245. Voice Recognition Struggling After Sound Car Install
  246. Command lines available?
  247. No Spotter Calls - Realistic is Unchecked
  248. Crew Chief and Incorrect Race Position
  249. Disable several messages
  250. CrewChief v4.10.0.8