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  1. Known Issues.
  2. Installed and working!
  3. issue of wrong car
  4. error report
  5. No damage report
  6. feature requests
  7. update and shortcuts
  8. Delay in calling the end of race.
  9. Disabling lap time reports altogether
  10. Fuel calculation returning extremely wrong value
  11. Fuel calculation returning extremely wrong value
  12. Wrong track temperature in Celsius
  13. Reporting wrong position
  14. Force lap time reports every lap?
  15. Can we get a Pitbox Countdown?
  16. Definitive iRacing setup
  17. How to re-assign keystrikes
  18. Issue with iRacing
  19. Errors causing crewchief not to work with iRacing
  20. Problems with Iracing install
  21. Disqualified! Because of CrewChief?
  22. Iracing unable to assign spotter button
  23. iRacing Team Events Odd Behavior
  24. Delayed Reports
  25. Position feedback incorrect
  26. iRating reporting
  27. Laptime reporting improvements
  28. 2 click on radio, no message
  29. Fuel Planning Values
  30. Great App but... position and time incorrect, fuel calculation query
  31. Under iRacing Oval Yellow Flag Laps, relax Spotter info please!
  32. Help me understand
  33. Talk to Crew Chief Assignment
  34. Settings gone after update
  35. Rallycross Joker interpreted as fastest lap, other requests too
  36. Lap counts off - when lapped
  37. Can you add the option to say gallon instead of liters for fueling?
  38. Pit countdown not working on iracing ovals most of the time
  39. Wrong track temperature readings
  40. Wrong fuel consumption calculation
  41. How to disable oil temperature call-out?
  42. Can we have the option to turn off certain spotter comments during race?
  43. multi class warning
  44. Struggling to get the pit stop commands working
  45. pitstop fuel add * liters not working
  46. Driver towed to pits announced as new race leader
  47. What data is (un)available from iRacing SDK?
  48. Pace Notes in iRacing not linking to track position
  49. Sound Output
  50. Voice messages not working
  51. Some Oval issues
  52. Turning engine off while pacing.
  53. Add fuel to end and white flag issues
  54. Spotting not working - not a word uttered!
  55. Sector Times are off
  56. Unable to get Voice Recognition to work
  57. Voice recognition working - responses "not" working
  58. "Calculate Fuel for..." wants me to fuel over 300L for 10 minutes
  59. Request: "Get ready, going green!" message
  60. Blackbox calls not working
  61. Version - Position is incorrect, lap time (fastest lap) is incorrect
  62. Feature request: Pit window open and silence during qualy
  63. Pit Roag Count Down Bug
  64. Auto refuel slightly off
  65. Pit Stop Fuel to End of Race is not fueling enough (IMSA Race)
  66. "Faster Car Approaching" not working in LeMans 24hr Practice Session
  67. Voice Pack addon
  68. 'Engage the limiter' message when entering the pits.
  69. Starting IRacing Member Site?
  70. Using your iRacing avatar here on the Crew Chief Forum.
  71. Cannot figure out the spotter
  72. Couple issues - F1 pressures and fuel
  73. Printable voice commands for iracing
  74. What units are used in the properties?
  75. Pit Commands Not Working
  76. Units in messages...
  77. Autoofuel error in resistence teams?
  78. Feature Request: Timer
  79. Using a Butt Kicker and Oculus VR in Iracing
  80. Spotter not giving warnings
  81. CC Reporting Wrong Position
  82. Spotter Issue
  83. Custom macros
  84. Chief just doesn’t understand
  85. Trace Oval Data
  86. Console Logging?
  87. Crew Chief not calling cautions on ovals
  88. Track limits
  89. Fuel Reporting
  90. Spotter works on ovals but not road
  91. iRacing launch params (text)
  92. Spotter Request / Issue
  93. BMW GTE error ¿fast car?
  94. Auto fuel calculator
  95. Pitstop time not calling
  96. What is enabling text chat messages in game? I keep seeing "Sorry, my bad" being type
  97. Not enough fuel on oval
  98. Clear tires voice command
  99. PTT for chief
  100. Hearing chief Jim(default), but not the spotter.
  101. refueling not performed
  102. Weird Fuel Glitch
  103. Pit window
  104. 2019 Season 3 - Release Notes [2019.06.03.01]
  105. Please save properties
  106. Pit Stall Countdown Wrong in High Speed Pits
  107. "Go Left" - "Go Right" - "Go High" - "Go Down"
  108. Fuel calculation in weight?
  109. Fill me to the end of the race or full.
  110. Spotter calls seem a bit delayed.
  111. Weird messge at the beginning of every Ferrari GT3 fixed race
  112. Auto Fuel to the End setting not respected by CrewChief
  113. Tear off command recognized, but not working
  114. CC reporting wrong information
  115. Separating CrewCheif audio from Game Audio
  116. Corner Names Announced
  117. Auto refuel mystery
  118. Unvocalized Driver Names
  119. Refueling suggested test case
  120. Bad "How's my fuel?" response, log is full of errors
  121. Unvocalized driver name: ulliott
  122. Keystrokes sent, but nothing happens in iRacing
  123. Damage Report - No Answer
  124. Issue w/ Rallycross tracks missing pit returns
  125. Pitstop command suggestion
  126. Bad Fuel Calculations
  127. Crew Chief Keeps Calling Out Drivers As If I Asked Every 5 Seconds
  128. Fuel check warning after qualifying
  129. Pitstop countdown after toggling race updates off
  130. Fuel calculations for Mazda, SRF etc.
  131. no limiter for pits.
  132. After iracing update auto fuel failed to add fuel
  133. how can I mute driver? not complete mute
  134. [Issue] Error in fuel calculation on Heat based sessions
  135. iRacing AI beta
  136. Crew Chief Doesn't Hear My Commands
  137. C7DP In Multi-Class
  138. Suggestion: Reminder to swap from Q set to race set
  139. wrong position
  140. 1 time refueling error (HPD ARX)
  141. Suggestion: Tell me when the pit window opens
  142. Crew Chief wont answer my questions
  143. How to get tyre temps?
  144. Pit stop fuel no tires
  145. Loss of Microphone output after Stuttering and drop of frames
  146. SODE Like Commands
  147. how to change from celsius to fahrenheit in CC
  148. missing dependency
  149. Unable to hear CC. Using Oculus Rift with Iracing
  150. iRacing spotter
  151. Suggestion: "Chief, call out my apex speeds"
  152. How do I set up a push to talk button for CC
  153. Grid stage start announcement
  154. CC acknowledges commands but does nothing
  155. How to turn off pit speed warning?
  156. PC Pleb Needs Help
  157. Sector times are incorrect?
  158. Fastest lap
  159. spotter doesn't inform me about crashes or slow cars
  160. iRacing volume issue
  161. CrewChief lost the ability to autofill Fuel
  162. Unable to get tire temperatures
  163. Incorrect lane/column reported on rolling start
  164. noise
  165. Updated now not working
  166. Chief is Lagging
  167. Incorrect Penalty Message
  168. Auto Damage repair
  169. Fuel calculation with timed + laps session
  170. CC Fails under 360Hz telemetry
  171. Voice recognition problem
  172. Spotter napping during green flag before start line
  173. Pitstop Clear all
  174. Laps to go?
  175. Black flag error...
  176. Installing and setting up CC for 2 windows 10 accounts
  177. No Spotter on Road Courses
  178. CC is working in Iracing but i can,t get the menu open on screen
  179. Are you ok
  180. CC is drunk?
  181. Black Boxes Again
  182. Getting "car must be stopped to exit" message out of nowhere
  183. Changing Speed and Temp
  184. Add (x) gallons fuel
  185. Overlay issue in iRacing with VR
  186. Installed CC fine , but can't make any changes ??
  187. Incorrect rolling grid side
  188. Can Crew Chief execute the Re-center HMD command?
  189. Wrong Pace Lap Line Announced
  190. Spotter barely working and CC saying incorrect info
  191. Crew Chief fueling question in iRacing
  192. update issue?
  193. Relative Time Issue
  194. Message to CC for refuel to end race
  195. Not working in iRacing after latest update
  196. New to CC and iRacing
  197. New to CC How to get CC to work in game
  198. Feature Request: iRacing Race Fuel Reminder
  199. iRacing tyre compounds
  200. Spotter Repeating same incident every lap
  201. File to end button/macro?
  202. CrewChief starts race perfect, then won't respond, but still reports
  203. Jim, everyone didn't really bin it at Paddock Hill!
  204. Pit stop do not change all tyres
  205. Jim keeps telling me the wrong sector times....
  206. Spotter not calling out anything
  207. Error 63 on iracing
  208. vocal fonction iracing
  209. Voice Recognition Can't Hear/Understand Me
  210. Notice when iam "ready" in Pit
  211. Pitstop orders not working
  212. Off tracks broken?
  213. CC loading then stops working...
  214. Where are the "how to" instructions / docs?
  215. Mr Spotter doesnt count down pit stalls
  216. Announcing green flags ?
  217. Pearls of wisdom ?
  218. No corner names in iracing
  219. No function of automatic refueling in IRacing Beta UI
  220. USF2000 Watkins Glen
  221. Spotter Audio Files Not There
  222. Crew Chief stopped during a Session
  223. Can CC tell me when to pit?
  224. pit stop completion notification
  225. Iracing background sound lost during race
  226. Macro is not working on the iRacing chat
  227. Car class "95" (car class 95) - Insufficient car class data
  228. Crew cheif not woking since updates
  229. No support !
  230. Spotter not working in Iraciing
  231. Multiclass Race
  232. Team Driver Swap: Changes fuel to give you less than you need on final stint!
  233. Last lap fuel number
  234. Driver behind alerts
  235. no rear spotter warnings on Nordschleife
  236. Pitted for refuel, but no fuel added
  237. CC spotter does not work in Formula Vee races
  238. CC should mute during replay
  239. Automatic refueling question
  240. Can Crew Chief control the iRacing "Cycle Split Delta Display" screen?
  241. Can I turn off the "Track Limits" call from Crew Chief"?
  242. Help with automatically starting CC and with car numbers not names
  243. You're currently 9.9 off the leaders pace message on numerous occasions
  244. Pit Box
  245. Meta Quest 2 CC Overlays (soon will be using quest 2 in iracing)
  246. Having spotter during replays
  247. Crew chief failing to start with iRacing
  248. Auto fuel pit stop
  249. Watch car ahead/behind
  250. Doesn't work...still have iracing spotter and CC