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  1. Welcome new members
  2. Plans for the next release
  3. Ideas for future versions
  4. Customizing Car Classes
  5. F.a.q.
  6. How to collect track Corner Data
  7. Go Go Go Not Working
  8. Thank you !
  9. Display Messages on HUD
  10. How To Donate
  11. New download location
  12. SimBin games next ????
  13. Game sound volume
  14. Project Cars 2
  15. Thanks for personalisation CC Team !
  16. Update at last version...
  17. Mr Belowski Jim
  18. "Realistic mode" explained
  19. Sound Option
  20. Hi all i am - Michaelpew
  21. Avatar
  22. Start Crewchief in Simvibe
  23. How to collect Crew Chief repro traces
  24. Android app beta test
  25. Any chance of an option to tell us what our worst tyre is?
  26. Looking for volunteer to record Spotter sounds
  27. Del Topic
  28. Will Crew Chief Conflict with Voice Attack
  29. Important: spotter and voice recognition issues
  30. Installation Question
  31. Requesting Pits
  32. rFactor Racestart Sound
  33. Crew Chief and Voice Attack
  34. Race Finish Sounds
  35. Thank you!
  36. Assign a button to have the Crew Cheif tell tire status
  37. Voice Recognition
  38. How do I ask for my engine temps?
  39. pc2 ps4
  40. No sounds if "Project Cars 2" protocol is chosen on PS4...
  41. Giving commands
  42. Command / key-press macros
  43. openent names
  44. Not getting crewchief/spotter voice on playback on AC but get it in Pcars2
  45. Pace notes
  46. Thanks for the immersion increase when using VR in PCars2
  47. Coming soon - higher volume and user-selectable output devices
  48. Car Stereo??
  49. List of Commands
  50. Minimal Talking
  51. Different Volume control for Spotter and Crew Chief
  52. only one earpiece headset
  53. Crew Chief not recognizing voice commands
  54. Any tips for voice recognition?
  55. Adding New Game?
  56. Software development question
  57. Corner names
  58. Donations
  59. Thank You!
  60. NASCAR Heat 2
  61. Any chance we will get to see a Crew Chief iOS app version?
  62. Noob question: Frequency of <x> in options
  63. Race commentator(s)
  64. Slow download
  65. Did my Chief just ask me if I was okay after a nasty crash?
  66. Crew Chief Discord server.
  67. Please kindly add my name
  68. Crew Cheif through headphones
  69. Where can i find a list of valid voice commands (outside of the modal help dialog)?
  70. Spotter for F1 2017
  71. Request to eliminate "shhhh" command
  72. Re: Need Advice for Best Audio Setup
  73. Request: Auto-start command line parameter
  74. Mac os compatibility
  75. Request: Voice Recognition mode "button up"
  76. Suggestion: Finish message based on starting position (or skill level)
  77. Problem: Crew Chief does not recognize keyboard.
  78. properties sorted by game?
  79. voice recognition stuck on always on
  80. HELP...NumberReader spanish implementation
  81. Different Steering Wheels?
  82. Feature improvement: crash reports
  83. Feature suggestion: distinguish between car Infront and driver ahead
  84. Audio Playback device bug - I believe
  85. Request: Expand "Report fuel/battery status" bindable action
  86. Feature Improvement Suggestion: Voice Command - Car Status
  87. It is usual reserve
  88. Any expert around who knows?
  89. "Less verbose feedback" voice command
  90. Turn your headlights on
  91. Very good
  92. Any way to increase voice recognition?
  93. CF reporting higher engine temps/oil pressure more often?
  94. iRacing: Stop Fuel At Specific Amount
  95. CC fuel calcuations in iRacing
  96. iracing: can't turn off pit limiter or car approaching warnings
  97. Version; Trojan:Win32/Spursint.F!cl
  98. F1 2018
  99. Helllllp please!!
  100. My thoughts on Crew Chief
  101. CC Not calling offline driver AI Names for AC?
  102. Missing some "my names"
  103. Unneeded Fuel message
  104. Volume
  105. Spotting only?
  106. "Auto Refueling"
  107. As of last night upon starting CrewChief I get the static but no "radio check"
  108. Crew Chief for Dirt Rally please oh please :-)
  109. Wrong tyre compounds in rF2
  110. PitStop time calculation
  111. Doc about compiling CC
  112. Some oval comm suggestions
  113. read lap times only?
  114. Suggested VR feature for CC
  115. Microsoft Speech Recognition runtime voice training?
  116. Issue with categories
  117. How to connect CC to PS4 headset
  118. CC with AC Content Manager
  119. Volume Increase/Decrease buttons not working
  120. IRacing Dirt
  121. Recent Update (09-JAN-2016) Woes...
  122. Is it possible to change "beep" sound when CrewChief acknowledges the keyword?
  123. AssettoCorsa Landmark/Corner Name Recording Request: Okayama International Circuit
  124. Feature Suggestion: "Pit Window Open" message
  125. Feature request: Scaleable UI
  126. Add name
  127. font size
  128. Potential bug - updates notification on/off
  129. Trigger word?
  130. Crew Chief Audio Customizations; (WINDOWS 7)
  131. After race talks ? Like : Congratulation, your P1 blablabla ?
  132. Rejoining track safely warning for league races
  133. FAQ update? Command line RF2_64BIT is now RF2
  134. No Patch Notes thread
  135. Customize start messages?
  136. Spotter to late
  137. Raceroom update may break 3rd party software?
  138. PS4 Audio Support
  139. CC + iRacing spotter
  140. Name request to list
  141. Error 1500: when updating/installing CrewChief
  142. Additional Fuel using decimal point?
  143. naudio plays messages on wrong output when windows default output is changed
  144. Car behind laptime?
  145. Race pace?
  146. Lap time
  147. profiles?
  148. RRLeagues Interview - Thank you
  149. Crew Chief Turns 4 – Exclusive Interview With Jim Britton
  150. CC doesn't understand me anymore
  151. Audio output option for just left or right
  152. can the lap times and distance ahead and behind be to the thousandth
  153. Crew Chief Overlay
  154. Feature Suggestion: Track Temperature Delta (Compared to Start)
  155. Beta using voice recognition thread?
  156. No spotter in CC
  157. Problem after Update
  158. No sound from CC
  159. Hey everyone nice forum :)
  160. crew chief won't add fuel
  161. Replacing the Beep with a canned response .
  162. Spotter working in iRacing even if not in the car
  163. Checking if my name, and which one, is pronounced for others in multiplayer
  164. REQUEST: Properties; Add tick box to show modified entries only
  165. Spotter not working
  166. voice recognition
  167. Lap count/
  168. Disable stalled message?
  169. Spanish voice recognition
  170. Did we lose Jim saying driver names or did I screw something up?
  171. list of american terms?
  172. display subtitles on screen when chief is speaking (iracing)
  173. Hate to be that guy.. Spotter Volume
  174. How do you change the text to speech readers voice?
  175. Pit Stop Position Prediction
  176. Voice Recognition suddenly stops working during iRacing Session
  177. Can get easy access option box to set CrewCheif to run at PC startup automatically.
  178. microphone sensitivity & black box commands
  179. reporting fuel in gallons
  180. Pit road speed limits in MPH rather than KPH?
  181. Lap times without previous lap info?
  182. Spotter Inaccuracy, adjustments?
  183. It is no longer working
  184. Feature suggestion: Declare Rivals/Teammates
  185. Feature Suggestion: Live Help
  186. Feature Suggestion: Live Help
  187. Audio through TV rather than laptop?
  188. Feature request: Proper Modifier key support for keyboard commands
  189. Hey everyone nice forum :)
  190. Hello, I'm hoping for some help
  191. Help needed AMS 2
  192. ams2 question
  193. Add name
  194. No sound from crew
  195. My favorite PC program!
  196. AMS2 Testing Day
  197. Bind key to chat message
  198. Bind key to chat message
  199. Feature Suggestion: Option to slow speech by 2x, so he'll sound drunk.
  200. Feature suggestion:Auto profiler and start
  201. Lucky dog
  202. Voice Commands
  203. Thank You!
  204. Are Thousandths of a Second Exposed by iRacing + Pit Countdown
  205. Completely remove "motivational" msgs?
  206. Incidents reported for cars that have passed the finish line
  207. Voice recognition
  208. Running Position
  209. How Can I Make Murray Walker Talk In Every Race / More Often?
  210. How to enable fuel calculator without a voice command?
  211. Just Updated the app
  212. actualizacion de nuevos nombres
  213. Distorted, modulated, robotic sound
  214. Suggestion: Ignore 'didnt_understand' for 'REPEAT_acknowledge'
  215. Suggetion: Ignore 'didnt_understand' 'REPEAT_acknowledge'
  216. Responds to some commands and not others
  217. CrewChief interfers with revive?
  218. How is remaining fuel calculated?
  219. How to Un-minimize on startup.
  220. Zero instead of None
  221. Some Errors about loading sounds
  222. Crew Chief Not Starting
  223. Chief cant hear my voice . help
  224. Chief cant hear me when i go in Iracing
  225. Not running after update.
  226. Military method of conveying numbers ..
  227. Chief still cant hear my voice once in Iracing
  228. Laps to go?
  229. No speech input was detected
  230. Name Request "Zubair"
  231. Monitoring FFB Function for RF2 possible?
  232. Background Spotter Noise
  233. Automobilista 2 - Practice mode - Crew chief messages not playing
  234. Only hears some commands
  235. Log "normal" tire data when entering the pit/exiting the car?
  236. Add (x) gallons fuel
  237. unknown publisher on the install file
  238. Project Cars 2 volume temporarily drops when Crewchief is talking
  239. Dirt Rally 2 translate
  240. Where's Jim?
  241. Suggestion: You can ask Jim "How are my tyres" and "How are my brakes"...
  242. After 13.1.3 update Chief not responding to questions.
  243. Oval Spotter - Three wide
  244. Interactions with spotter
  245. Jim calling real player names
  246. New spotter voice?
  247. Macrom edditor help
  248. Speech Recognition doesn't work
  249. a small mistake in fuel log message
  250. recent sound issue w/crew chief