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  31. whats the gap ahead not working when second
  32. Request: Option to deactivate blue flag report
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  36. Wrong position in online multiplayer
  37. Every CC Sample drops FPS about 20-30 frames
  38. How to add tyres temperature definitions for missing tyres ?
  39. Multiplayer Old Laps Stated
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  52. Pacenotes / Reccy
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  55. Sector Times ACC
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  62. Constant talking about everything and lap time updates every few seconds
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  64. Wrong position
  65. problema comunicazione vocale windows 10 con assetto corsa competizione
  66. Miss Jim
  67. No announcement in ACC how long it is until the race start
  68. CC recognizes spot every 3 seconds, even if I m completely silent
  69. Turn Number vs Turn Name?
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  71. Game crash
  72. spotter for assetto corsa
  73. GT4's tire temps ideal reported as 27.5
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