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  1. rFactor 2 Crew Chief Setup Instructions
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  3. [Issue] Saying White flag line (One to go) during FCC
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  7. Issue with the correct multi-class detection with the endurance mod
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  9. Crew Chief and rFactor2
  10. Spotter goes mute after a driver swap
  11. Nobody talks to me?
  12. "That is the best lap in your class"
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  14. Problem: rF2 'hangs' on exiting the game
  15. Spotter doesn't work after driver swap
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  19. rawName with empty string exception
  20. "Only 64bit version of rFactor 2 is supported"?
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  25. rF2 refueling a negative amount (bug)
  26. What´s the time?
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  33. Crewchief causing HUD to go insane?
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  35. How Do I Quickly Restrict Cars By Class For My Server?
  36. Logitech MOMO Force Feedback Help
  37. Can crew chief tell me that the track is open?
  38. Can Crew Chief read chat messages for me?
  39. Is it possible to get crew chief to work in Mod Mode?
  40. Rf2 dedicated servers