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  1. update
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  11. New pit menu interactions
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  13. Automatic penalties
  14. How's my fuel?
  15. Ingegnere in italiano non va
  16. Pitting in Raceroom with voice commands
  17. Slow down penalties converted to drive through not being notified
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  19. Error on Raceroom with V4.15.0.1
  20. adding key for "saying sorry"
  21. Finish Position advice
  22. R3, CrewChief and macros: working combination?
  23. problem raceroom hud
  24. No spotter
  25. Help please on OtterHud
  26. Raceroom no working, open load and closed!
  27. Crew Chief is not running with Raceroom, charges and does not stabilize, shuts down!
  28. Late incident limit warning in Raceroom
  29. Reporting some issues and suggesting things to updates