I really enjoy using CrewChief and am keen to use it in combination with SimHub (to drive tactile transducers) in all of the Racing Sims I actively use. However, while I am now able to use CrewChief in combination with SimHub in a variety of Sims, with Automobilista a get crashes. My review of SimHub forum/discord posts leads me to understand that the issue is with the AMS plugin, originally developed by Dan Allongo, which is used by both programs. The version currently used by CrewChief is not the same as the version now being used by SimHub. A SimHub forum/discord post leads me to understand that the SimHub version used for AMS is a newer 'updated' one that provides more telemetry data. Problem is that CrewChief is not compatible with this updated version, hence the crashes. Wondering if this is a known issue and if there are plans to update the AMS plugin used by CrewChief any time soon. Frankly, its not clear from the information I have who did the updating to the plugin (suspect its by 'Wotever' over at SimHub), which might make a CrewChief update problematic.