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Thread: Voice Pack addon

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    Voice Pack addon

    Can we add to the voice a "GET READY'" & "GREEN GREEN GREEN before each restart?

    Is it possible to add follow a particular car under each yellow caution flag?

    This would help greatly.

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    Yes we can do that but we are going to need traces from stockcar races to make it happen.
    No one on the regular CC team drives oval races and we need data from thos type races, so if you feel like helping out collecting traces it would be a great help to get CC better suited for oval in IR.
    Here is a link on how to collect the data we need:

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    Are you still interested in this data?
    I must have Log Data checked as I have a folder with a ton of files in it.
    Called Debug logs Some with road courses though.
    I also have a file with a good amount of names that must not be vocalized I can share, I just looked and it is called unvocalized drivers names
    All obtained from Iracing.
    Any Other data I can gather to assist ill be glad to get if I run those tracks etc.

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