Hey all,

I've been using CF for several months now and am really loving even just the basic spotting with custom driver name :-) I'll be getting into more of the custom commands this season.

At any rate, I've been racing the Mx-5 quite a bit, and only recently have I noticed a significant increase in CF informing me of high engine temps and increase oil pressure.

This usually happens right after the start.

I often floor it in N when the lights start and then pop the clutch and drop to 1st on green ...

In the past, that has never been an issue with the Mx-5 ... but just in the past week or two, CF has started to warn me of high engine temps by the end of lap 1.

I have done at least two updates of CF in the past two weeks, and iRacing has had the major season update as well as at least one patch update, so I'm curious:

- Did the latest CF update include more verbose warning of engine temp and oil warnings?
- Did the latest iRacing update make the Mx-5 more sensitive to over-revving at the start?
- Did I just get a heavier right foot? :-)